Deviant Moon -- Three of Wands


A woman stands thoughtfully looking at the three wands with growing, budding tips that she is manifesting. They are her baby, her creation, still connected to her belly by a thick green cord.

Sometimes she has to be fierce in defense of her child/creation. When people try to take up her time or tell her "it can't be done" or "you're doing it wrong" she shows them her scary toothy monster face and they go quickly away.

The moon that bathes her babies in light is the Deviant Moon. This moon shows up on some of the cards that have to do with connecting with the deep, mysterious creative part of us that thrives in moonlight. She has really given her all to this creation and it is almost time for it to truly be "born". She is thinking about the results.


She is awaiting for the results of her work, but also raising doubts about it; probably about her own past, present and future ... wich makes shadows come into her future and raises some apprehension about what's coming next.
The influence of the moon I also think it won't make a clear rational and inteligible process in her life.


The scary monster she is wearing on her back reminds me of a scarecrow. She doesn’t want anyone or anything to spoil this for her. She needs to focus on her creation now, so she can’t spend too much time watching her back.


The scary monster she is wearing on her back reminds me of a scarecrow. She doesn’t want anyone or anything to spoil this for her. She needs to focus on her creation now, so she can’t spend too much time watching her back.

Very nice! :)


The companion book sample published gives us a lot of information:

Three of Wands

Upon a grassy hill, an expectant mother anxiously awaits the blooming of three wands. A chunk of orange amber glows hot on her belt, signaling that birth is eminent. Having committed massive energy into the growth of this new life, she reflects on the journey that has brought her to this moment. Although she is hopeful for success, the number three represents unpredictability and the chance that things may not develop as imagined.

A vine-like umbilical cord connects the young mother’s swollen belly to the wands. Her warm blood streams through this vital link, which nourishes the blooms and keeps them alive. Her exposed breast shows her readiness to foster the plants after they flower; however, she keeps her other breast tucked under her arm in a guarded fashion. This might imply that she has mixed feelings about the perpetual responsibilities that lie ahead.

In the days before raising these wands from seed, the young mother was immature and wild. Nurturing something greater than herself taught her to focus on creation instead of destruction. She has flipped her fierce warrior mask around to the back like a cloak, revealing the caring side of her personality.

From afar, the deviant moon imparts its spirit upon the buds with its silver breath. The young mother has done her part, and now the universe will complete this unique creation.


Upright meanings:

The Three of Wands represents the circulation of creativity from one form to another. Like a mother with child, your life force flows into your creations and sustains them until they can survive on their own. You have given so much to bring your ideas into existence, and they are flourishing brilliantly. Although this should be an exciting time for you, vicious thoughts of self-doubt run in the back of your mind. As you contemplate your efforts, you may be wondering if you planned well enough to ensure favorable results. Stop worrying and let your remarkable conceptions unfold naturally.

Reversed meanings:

Upside down, the Three of Wands says that a creative endeavor will go wrong despite your best attempts. While you meant well and tried to think of everything, the little mistakes you made along the way will compound into a tremendous failure. Regardless of any setback, you must remember that you did not waste your time. Learn from your errors, conceive a better plan, and try again!

Perhaps the negative aspects of your character are getting the best of you, making it hard to concentrate on projects or see them to fruition. Realize that neglect or a lack of dedication may also lead to your creations demise.

Unfortunately, this reversed card might predict a miscarriage or premature birth.