Deviant Moon Two of Cups


The card features a man-skull faced and in red, holding his cup, he put the other hand on the wall and closing in on the lady-who has black and blue skin, and put his cup near her chest.

The lady welcomes him and put her glass in his chest too.

Below, there are some red stains (possibly red wine or blood)

Also featured here is the man's bandage is extending to reach the lady's feet to twist and wrap it.

On the distance, the clock shows 12, midnight.

BTW, I like how the crescent moon is featured artistically just below the "II" number <oh, beautifully arranged>.


Umm... does it mean eternal bond, maybe?


Patrick told me that the blood on the floor is the result of Midnight being raped by Death (and she now is pregnant with his issue) note hand on belly


Ooh, I don't like that explanation. :( It looked to me as though he was trying to seduce her, but I wasn't sure what the blood was about. (I also wondered about the hand on her belly, so thanks for mentioning that.)


Umbrae said:
Patrick told me that the blood on the floor is the result of Midnight being raped by Death (and she now is pregnant with his issue) note hand on belly
Wow, that is profound.
That explains the binding at her me a whole new take on this card!


I always thought he was trying to seduce her as well but the blood on the ground never made sense to me. But Patrick's definition definitely changes it for me.


Well. I suppose now they share a common interest - it may not have been forged under the best circumstances. In fact, a lot of the time we connect with people in the strangest circumstances. I suppose it goes to show that emotional links can be made anywhere.

Midnight may have been raped by Death but now they have entered a truce as they share a link, no matter how they first met.

The ribbon binds them to each other and no one is struggling or looks sad. Death seems both protective and possessive at the same time of Midnight. She looks to be accepting his advances now.


This is an amazing card. It shows an intense connection between two people.

Midnight is nude while Death has clothing on. She is more vulnerable, he is more powerful. Both of them are enjoying this a great deal.

Death has conquered Midnight. Yes, there was blood. Midnight is the kind of woman who needs to feel conquered. The lights in her hair are glowing from her intense feelings. With one eye she stares into his face, hypnotised. With her other eye she looks inward and perceives her true feelings. Not the way she is supposed to feel but the way she does feel.

The way Death is standing in front of her with his arm fencing her in and his ribbon wrapped around her ankle...Midnight is not going anywhere. But the ribbon binds him as well as her. Babies represent something new and the one she is carrying could represent the start of a relationship.

The crescent moon at the top of the card isn't a waning moon or a waxing moon but a perfectly balanced crescent shape. Only five cards in the deck have this moon on them: three of the Twos, and two others. I think it represents forces in balance. In the Two of Cups it seems to say that her receptive energy is in balance with his active energy. Although it is in the Minor Arcana this is an important card that reveals secrets of its own. The only other cards that show black and white tiles on the floor are four of the Majors, cards that also deal with male and female polarities.