Deviant Moon - VI Swords

bumble bee

This is one of my more favorite cards.It has a very serene calm feel to it.
They're way up high quietly floating away from all the turmoil of the fire below. The balloon baskets face is very calm, she has a little lace veil to cover her eyes(to sleep?)Its one of the brighter colored cards with blue gold green and red instead of the usual brownish tones. Its wierd how his head is connected to the balloon itself. Maybe he is a politician full of hot aire- More likely his thoughts are guiding him. Once again we have the little skull design this time with wings. We have all the elements present - fire earth water and air - ensuring a successful voyage. Looks like he is escaping from a disasterous situation (fire) and moving across the water to a more peaceful land.


Travel broadens the mind (quite literally in this image).

Instead of using the swords as weapons, the traveller has used them for more practical purposes - to support his balloon. He leaves behind a violent, destructive land to one of peace and serenity. The departed land is populated and modern. The new land is empty and natural.

Is he a hermit, seeking withdrawl from society?

To me, there's a strong sense of 'leaving your troubles behind'. Perhaps he was a warrior who used his swords to fight and kill others. Now he uses them as tools for escape. Or perhaps he is running away from his problems, however the swords go with him - he can never really escape his internal conflicts.


His head is connected with the balloon signifying that only your own mind can bring you away from your troubles.

The swords are tied with a string / rope to the balloon while it's pierced to the balloon basket, signifying that you can either use your trouble as an experience to improve or keep letting them harm you.

But carrying these swords along to his destination could also mean that these bad events will be part of him still.

It's like how our experiences made up who we are now.


The person in the balloon - the balloon is attached to him - the power of his thoughts can move him from a place of hardship over to calmer lands - down below there is a burning building - quite an establishment before it was destroyed by the flames engulfing it...
The balloon man and boat lady are travelling to a sparser land - clear and ready to build anew.
The six swords anchor the balloon mind - maybe to stop him from floating away?
To me there is a sadness, a calmness in this card - like refugees leaving behind their home and land to start a new - unlikely to ever return to their home land.
The Skull motif appears on the wheel in the Wheel of Fortune card - maybe fate has not been kind to these beings, but the wings attached to the skull in the six could indicate an ability to turn a crisis into an opportunity.


he is looking for peace, escaping the destruction (in the lower left of the frame).

The Swords tie the ballon to the gondola which holds the man who is part of the ballon which is attached to the swords which are part of the goldola which holds the man who is part of the...


Umbrae said:
he is looking for peace, escaping the destruction (in the lower left of the frame).

I agree - He is leaving a place of difficulty (maybe it was destructive for him to stay there) and moving on to new shores. His mind is filled with many thoughts and based on his experience, he has the tools to make things happen.

It also seems to me that although using his mind has been useful in this situation, after the transition has been made it will no longer need to be as swollen up as it is now. He will have to let some air out to get down to where he is going (release old or bad thoughts?) and maybe his head will be hurting after the initial flight from chaos. He'll have to adjust accordingly.