Deviant Moon: XIV - Temperance


Here we have a blue Deviant Angel. She is naked, dressed naught but with a large pair of grey Angel's wings and an outward spiral rising from her navel to the spot between her breasts. She stands in an isolated area, out in the wilderness of Nature. She has one foot completely on land (Earth) and the other dipped into a pool of water (Water) before her. Beyond there is flat lands nearby, and in the distance, a mountain-scape. It appears to be dusk or dawn, as there is no Moon or Sun present, just a speckling of Stars. There appears to be light rising to or falling from the horizon. This Deviant Angel, however, glows against the dark upper sky.
In her right (masculine/projective) hand she holds a rather cone-shaped (m/p) cup which she pours liquid from. In her left (feminine/receptive) hand, she holds a bowl (f/r) of sorts, almost shaped like a shell (f/r) or drop of fluid (f/r). This alludes to the intrinsic balance involved in the act of Temperance.

From the LWB:
An angel stands by a peaceful stream patiently pouring water from her urns. Although the vessels are different in design, the mixture she creates is a potion of harmony.