Devil and 10 of Swords


When doing a spread with no positions....just a sequence of cards...

In regards to a progession.....having the Devil and the 10 of Swords together....

Would this mean that the obsessions and shadows would be disintegrated?
For example....if someone is that devil and is in the process of working on healing this shadow.....the 10 of Swords is a type of Disinetgration of the shadows of the Devil?

(I hope I'm wording this correctly....Luna...I'm still having a real problem with this deck! :()


sounds good

This makes sense to me. We need cards to help us visualize the possibilities. We need images that help us move toward healing our obsessions and lightening our shadows. The Devil card is surely an example for me of obsession. What an amazing card! Devouring all life. My obsessions certainly do!The 10 of Swords image surely signals the end and a transformation. The image is powerful.......I see this as a dying/rising or dying/rebirth image as well. When our obsessions are healed, we are transformed. I love the way these two images interact. They speak volumes to me. There is a third card that seems to speak of a similar dynamic to me, and that is the 4 of the dazed Fey is trapped, even though the key to freedom is well within reach. What an amazingly graphic way to describe addiction! I've been there myself and it's a very apt image.

Stick with the Fey and don't be discouraged. Sometimes things just take time to awaken within us. Peace and blessings.....................Michael


Both cards have thier simularities.
The pair bring to mind, "ashes to ashes, dust to dust"
Looking at the Devil, I see an all comsuming, yet simple beast. Seems that he does not connect to the destruction he has caused.
In the 10 of Swords we see the suprise in the Fey's expression. A sort of continuation of the simplicity of 'not knowing'. Yet as the Fey experiences this disintigration, there is also realization of what is happening.

I think you worded it wonderfully....


Thanks for the input :)

As much as I love the imagery and artwork on this deck....I made a point to take this deck out of seclusion for the past week.....and tried to connect to it...I suppose I made some connection with the above doesn't seem to be it's back where it was for now...I haven't totally given up on's just not the right time for the Fae to be talking to me I guess....

I'll be back when I do take it back out though... :)

Thanks again!