Different areas outlook spread


That's a spread I've designed and using it sometimes - but -I never finished it! Still I'd like to post the idea, maybe you can help me finish it.

Cards are turned up one by one and placed as shown in the attachment, as they come up. There are 4 columns: Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles. The meaning of the columns are the meaning for the elements they represents, as you usually assign them (briefly: plans, endeavors, projects for Wands, love, relationships for Cups so on)
There is one line (1) under the columns formed by major arcana cards. These can represent the main influences on your life in that specific field (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles) right now.
Please see the attachment, it is NOT complicated.

if the first card is a Cup (C) it is placed in Column 2 (cups) Line 2
if the next card is a cup too it is placed in Column 2 Line 3 (on top of the first cup)
if the third card is a major arcana card (MA) it is placed in Line 1 (shown in red)

I place the Court Cards (CC) aside one near another.

The spread is done when all the columns in line 2 have at least one card.

This spread has some benefits:

you won't get even numbers of card for Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles. Some column will have more, some less. That gives you an idea how those elements (areas) are represented in your life, what is missing, what areas takes out too much of you, etc.

The spread is made up (develops) as you go and is different each times.

Getting more than 4 major cards would show me that this reading has a major importance, I should pay attention to it.

It's a new spread that doesn't need learning or looking at one's notice for the meaning of the positions.

What I didn't made up my mind about yet in regard with this spread is:

- sometimes you get more than 4 major cards before line 2 is filled at least with one Wand, Cup, Sword or Pentacles. In this case I place the extra major card on top of the spread, this can represent you or destiny, fate, higher influence on you at the moment. If you get more extras they can mean message, advice from above (not sure yet what meaning to assign to them)
- I'm not sure why I have the 'urge' to put the CourtCards aside and interpret them separately, but I do (of course they can be incorporated in the spread and they can represents your characteristics or attitude in that area, so on). Placing them separately lets me assign special meaning to them (should they represent me? others? make a story? or place them under Line 1 ? - not sure)

Comments are welcome.


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