personaly i believe that there is no "scariest" card as different cards meen differnt things to different people as personaly i find the virgin/highpriestess card my scariest card.


I agree with you that different cards can signify different things to different people, or even to the same person at different times, so in that sense, there isn't an intrinsically scariest card...

Over a number of years, however, it has struct me that there are two kinds of 'scariest'.

The first is a response to being unable to understand or 'connect' with the imagery of the card.

The second appears to be that the person does 'connect' to the card imagery, or is even able to transcend the symbol and somehow connect to that to which it is pointing, and there meet with an aspect of oneself which hasn't as yet been acknowledged, or an aspect that at this time the person needs to work with, or encounters a form of the 'being behind the card' which wasn't expected and doesn't quite meet expectations, or yet again an indication of an aspect in the external world which fills one with (mild or severe) dread.

Finding certain cards quite confronting is undoubtedly a very healthy sign... The next step would then be to try to understand what is so confronting about the depiction, whether in the external world or within oneself.

I do not know if you were serious about the High Priestess being the scariest, or whether this was an indication that no cards have a scarry element.

The High Priestess presenting a scarry aspect *may* indicate that a feminine aspect of someone in authority, using astute, but apperently unreasoned, 'guidance' has or is being problematic...

Just thought I'd reply to this important but otherwise unresponded to post...