Difficulty with interpretations for this deck...


Just bought this deck and love it. It's very lovely in a morbid sort of way :p It's now in there in my list of favorites with the DruidCraft Tarot, The WildWood Tarot, The Goddess Tarot, Tarot of Mermaids, Tarot of Pagan Cats, The Vampire's Tarot of The Eternal Night, and The Renaissance Tarot...

However, in not being entirely familiar with the traditional Rider-Waite meanings, and having only a few of them memorized, I can't make sense of this deck at all. The booklet doesn't give much interpretation... What books would "you" (you, being, whoever's out there), recommend to help with learning and memorizing the meanings and also to have as a backup resource for the LoS decks like this one that don't come with, or very little, interpretation of the cards? I should note, Tarot of Mermaids is another LoS deck that didn't come with much information on discerning the meanings of the cards, so I would really like to get to a place where I can use that deck and the Lescot deck with better ease.




Well, it took about a year before this deck started to make some sense to me.

I take my RWS interpretations usually from one of Jean Bunning´s books (Learning Tarot and Learning Tarot Reversals) but this deck is so unique and different that I ended up making my own book for it. I keep adding things to it and now I´m just noticing that I chose a too small notebook because it is almost full already.

I think probably the only way with this deck is to give it time -and to make your own notes about the cards and readings as you go along.


Thanks for the advice :)