Directional cards and kippper


I just received the book the art of kipper reading a guide to decode the cards in which the directional cards are only the main man and woman. The rest of the cards meanings are based on position around the main cards for example, above one of the main cards he states that area has to do with thoughts so if the journey card is above the main cards they're thinking about going on a trip but what I learned from Maikiel Rouven Dietrich on is now closed down YouTube channel that with the whip on the journey card you need to look where the whip is pointing and that would tell you something about the trip or the situation .

I know that he said in the book that he follows the French reading tradition and Maikiel being German would of course follow the German tradition. Unsure if this is where these differences come from ( I did noticed that the Tarot cards that the Author made had only the man and woman cards with directional meanings).

I guess that I could in someway blend both of these traditions together I'm not sure what your thoughts?



I think that it is just a guideline and after a while you can expand with your experience..
example , just thinking of it suppose a person wanted to ask how jail was going to go.. (as it could be his or her first time and wanted to know if they would survive it eheh). so you would lay out cards and use the prison card as the directions.

in ciro kipper book, one of the conrtributers uses positional readings.

think of it this way,, at the beginning no one used reversals I bet,,but after no and then it became a hassle to upright them all the time when shuffling so might as well use a meaning for it. eheh(no one I know of anyways has been credited with the reversals )


Thanks for your thoughts I will read the book and take from it what I find useful.


Deleted, just read that you have the book I was going to recommend!