Divine Cirus Oracle by Alana Fairchild


I just ordered the latest Fairchild oracle deck and I'm sooo excited for it to arrive! :)

I actually had a dream about this deck (which I rarely have about tarot or oracles) two weeks ago and it really got me curious about it.

I feel like she's coming back a bit more to doing "Alana decks" and not so much "channeling" others (Mother Mary, Rumi, Kuyan Yin etc...). I get the feeling this could remind me a bit of the Sacred Rebels, which I love, but with a more playful touch.

Any thoughts? :)

Glass Owl

This may be my favorite Alana Fairchild deck. Not only is the artwork gorgeous but I love the card meanings and it is accurate as well. I think that the guidebook is excellent. The card meanings have depth and yet the passages aren't too wordy. I really love pulling card from this deck for others and I think they get a lot from it and yet, I also really love using it for myself too.

Luna's Crone

I will need to check this out, the only thing that makes me weary is that is a Circus deck which seems to be trendy at the moment.

i do need some lightheartedness in my life so maybe will check it out. I had planned on getting only one more oracle....shamans wisdom oracle (i think thats the name) red cards and stuff.


I do like her decks I will have to check this one out. Thanks for sharing


I got it a few days ago and I'm loving it! :) Surprised at how well the artwork flows (I generally hate when many different artists are involved in one deck), and the guidebook is fantastic! I felt the guidebook for the Rumi Oracle was too wordy and lengthy, this one is much more to the point.

There's definitely a playful vibe to this deck, but I have to see there is a lot of depth to it also. It's not just sunshine and lollipops and fun stuff. ;)

I love it, so happy I got it, like I suspected it does feel like it's Alana going back a little to her roots... :)


I love this deck at the moment! I'm really really into the circus/carnival theme at the moment, which is really weird for me, but I absolutely love using this deck, and its been accurate and inspiring so far! Its drawing out parts of me that I wasn't really aware of. [emoji4]

I wasn't aware that this was a trending theme? I only found one other related deck from tarot 78, that I am considering, when I looked a while ago. I hope to see more of this theme though! [emoji4]

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...Wow, thank you for posting this...I am not much into Oracles...I just read with the Tarot...but this decks looks fun...also I reminds, very much so of the Tarot of the Zirkus Magi & little bit of Legrande Circus & Sideshow Tarot....both decks I have & love

Thanks for posting those links to other decks. [emoji4]
Its reminded me that I HATE circuses that have animals in them as entertainment. Circus animals are starved of food and water so they don't 'spoil in the ring', and are beaten, restrained and tortured to 'train' them to do tricks and things for entertainment and money.

In Divine Circus Oracle there are no animals depicted for circus entertainment. There is a picture of a tiger but that is symbolising the 'tiger within you' sort of thing. The artwork is beautiful and people orientated. I love it!
There is such a feeling I get from this deck, and the PEOPLE-side of circuses. A bunch of "misfits and outsiders" that each have their own story, coming together to participate in entertainment to earn a living. I can't really describe it as well as I feel it though! [emoji4]

I understand the place of the images of animals in the 2 vintage looking decks that you listed. Animals in circuses was such the norm. I don't know how many animal-free circuses even exist today? It will take a while before the majority of people are aware of the cruelty of animals in circuses, and the practice gets banned. Unfortunately its a fight against money as well.
And when artwork and media normalises the practice of animals for entertainment, overlooking and turning a 'blind eye' to the cruelty and misery that lies behind the scenes, most people have less chance of becoming aware of the situation.

I'll take my thoughts on the 78 Tarot Carnival over to the 78 Tarot Carnival thread. I'm sorry if I strayed a little off topic here! [emoji4]

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I JUST picked up this deck today! I flipped through the cards earlier and they really are gorgeous. I can't wait to begin playing with them..



I got this yesterday, the book isn't my favorite but the cards are wonderful and so atmospheric!