Do Faeries Smoke?


Last week I was in my garden, cutting the last of the Brown Eyed Susans before the frost came and did them in. While I was out there, I announced to any faeries who were about that, as the cold weather was coming, they were welcome to take shelter in my house anytime they felt like it. After I was back inside, I kept smelling cigarette smoke. No one who lives here smokes, and we haven't had any visitors in ages. I kept smelling it all day, and finally towards late afternoon, I suddenly realized maybe it was one of the Fae who had accepted my invitation. I said, "You can't smoke in here; you have to go outside," and a couple of minutes later, the smell was gone. Then this week I got my Faeries Oracle in the mail, and the next day the smoke smell was back. What do you think? Do some Faeries smoke?


hummm very interesting Coatl.
Gnomes smoke pipes.
And some of my Faeries would surely not be above a little smoking along with a nip of hard cider.
But, you are right to tell them no if you don't want the smell in your house.
Be firm.
They respect firm.


Hi coatl, welcome to the Forums!

What a great little story that is, I just imagined a Fae with beautiful butterfly wings and oh so dainty leaning against a tree with a fag hanging out of her mouth and her hands on hips...gorgeous :smoker:


I don't know... but I think they do. I just don't know *what* they smoke, and I'm not being coy here... I really wonder. Would it be the earth's bounty they smoke, plants and herbs, or would it be "astral smoke"? :smoker:

I've smelled food smells in my craft room (where most of my Fae live) some days. I usually tell them, "Smells good!" and leave it at that. I've never smelled smoke, but I *do* smoke, so maybe I don't smell it since I'm around it.

Look at Himself's eyes. I say, he smokes.... })