Do you believe in God


I find this difficult to define in my own spirituality. I came to AT as an atheist / humanist but gradually became more spiritual and believing!

I do believe in the universe and there is some force there. It has a destiny mapped out for us (although we have free will to deviate from that in my beliefs, there is still a purpose or reason for our being). I am not sure if I believe in a God or Goddess or multiple deities or just some universal creation energy type thing without a person associated with it. I think if I do believe in a God, I believe in multiple Deities for different areas. I don't believe in a single focused person which most organised religions believe in I guess.

Thank you Daniel. I find it hard to correlate an amorphous God with something having planned our destinies out for us!? What happened to free will action and karma? We can project the hghest potentials of our being and thus as some say have created "God–" I dont have a problem with multiple dieties either..whatever works

Feeling similar to Danieljuk - I think there is a universal force, I think we are all interwoven and our paths all though everyone who ever lived is part of a big tapestry. I think there is a major or larger idea for our lives, but many free choices within that major path.

I also believe there are many gods - because we created many of them with our beliefs, and so they exist, fed by those beliefs. And then there are the elemental gods, of streams and trees and rivers and mountains, who were here even before us...

I also believe that we ourselves are God - "Thou art God" and that the successful resolution of our lives depends upon us believing in ourselves...

So I do believe in "God" more or less, but not as how religions see/perceive that force.

Thank you Padma, that is lovely and the nearest to my beliefs too. The large tapestry idea though ..isnt it borne of the knowledge we are all the same? All strivng for similar goals? That we do help each other and progress and all add to our lives by ourselves but not by A God? Oh hang on I think you answered that in the "thou art God" quote

I have highly conflicting beliefs about the existence or lack thereof of higher powers in the universe, and rarely like to talk about them. If anyone asks me I answer that it doesn't matter since my beliefs don't affect what most people perceive as practical applications of belief/non-belief.

In other words, my beliefs are like picking your nose; it's okay to do it, it just seems uncouth to publicize it. Which isn't to say I do or don't.

How's that for avoiding a loaded question? :D

Its great and no problem, after all, to steal the UK prime minsters words, "we are all in this together" though h use of them was quite despicable

Personally I cant NOT believe in a God, I am not blind to love and beauty in this world, I am not atheist but I have fully rejected alot of the useless and destructive furniture....

ps if anyone thinks my question was loaded I apologise, I am just interested in views and the whys and wherefores....this question underpins so much in personal life and society much is ruled by it...I believe what my religious teacher said in a lecture, (ps it wasnt a course in religion but part of a humanities degree) it is linked to home,and going religion is a way home and feeling safe and secure.....thats also why I think religion is tightly connected to ones own early home life.....

she also made a comment about sin...ooh that horrible word...she said it is like a spreads and infects, now that part i believe because it made sense, more sense than according to the bible i am born full of sin especially if a woman...i would love all that antiquated claptrap to die a very very ceremonious death...oooh champagne bottles at the ready


Thanks for your thoughts.I dont believe in the notion that faith is the essence of human nature. Where ddi that cime frm?

Also why do you call God Him? There is no gender in the hypothetical God surely.

Because it's a tendency that human beings have displayed over and over. Plenty of behavioral studies to back me up there. So I think that's where you're not understanding what I'm saying. People use faith a million times a day without ever once thinking about it. It's a word, nothing more. It's only when it's thrown into a religious context that it suddenly becomes a "bad" word.

And I simply told you what I believe. I personally am comfortable with the idea of God being male. Nothing more complicated than that. Lol.


Yes I do...

Whenever I witness a miracle that has no explanation, I feel the compassion of God.

Whenever I visit nature's amazing creations like the Grand Canyon or the Redwood Forest, I witness the longevity and force of God.

Whenever I see the magnificent and beautiful designs of tropical fish and odd looking insects, I see God's creativity and sense of humor. I can almost hear the laughter.

And when I look into the glittery, iridescence of Opals, I see and feel the light and spirit of God. There is no misunderstanding there.

Yes, I truly do believe in God. :)


Yes, I believe in God/Allah. True, I'm a Muslima and converted few years ago. Right now, for many people, my choice can be considered as controversial. But it's this what I feel/see/understand as my spiritual core. I'm not a typical Muslim, for sure. I'm more into Sufism and Shia Islam because of more mystical and spiritual angle. But my husband and friends are Sunni who are way more pragmatic in everyday life. But it doesn't mean we don't share "weird" or mystical happenings which are connected with our beliefs tightly. So yes, I'm proud to practice what I practice, more shamanistic/healers' way. And what is extremely important - Islam recognise the Otherworld where live djinns/fey (in my opinion and experience, they share many traits and are closely related). It's very important for my practice cause I know (or feel) that exist many deities. Someone would tell it's something against mainstream Islam. Yes, it is but as I said, I'm not typical. This what I believe, my faith is based on the personal experience which took me to this way where I'm now. I've never accepted that you must pick one thing. If it's right for someone, fine. But I'm not this kind of person. I've made my decisions and saw what is right for my heart and spiritual growth. I'm not sure what happen in next few years, I can change completely.

I hope I made my point :)


no gods or goddesses whatever.
Have thousands of reasons why.


Not as such. I do believe in the light within each of us.


This might be a bit off topic because I don’t actually believe in a personal God. But for some reason, I feel like sharing this. My son went to Catholic school, and in his eighth grade religion class, the teacher used this whimsical idea to communicate the idea of an all-loving god:

If God had a wallet, everyone’s picture would be in it.

This touched me because my son knew exactly what it meant. My father, his grandfather, was just such a doting grandfather, with a wallet full of awkward school photos that he proudly pulled out whenever someone mentioned family in any conversation.

But if you think about it more deeply, this is a really radical idea. God LOVES EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the world (whether as doting grandfather or in some other way). Saints and sinners, of all religions or no religion, of all countries, in all places.

I think it’s truly impossible for people to come to grips with that. (We attribute all these ultimate characteristics to God, but then, because they’re ultimate, we can’t really understand them.)

But what if we all tried to LIVE as if such an all-loving God actually exists? The world would be a different place for sure, wouldn’t it?


I have a problem with this as

Indeed ! I hate being asked undefined question like that , as one is going to be slotted into a category of the others creation. They will immediately think you believe or not according to their terms and definitions. It seems more like the question ; do you believe in 'my God'. Those that have a 'God possession' are often the most .... 'intense' and projecting about it

A) no one has defined God

- indeed , the old ; “Tell me about the God you don’t believe in. I probably don’t believe in him either.”

B) the concept has been used by many mainly for manipulation/control of populations

Isnt it curious that patriarchal controlling jealous paradigms have a patriarchal controlling jealous God ?

C) I apologise as I am sure the subject has come up before and been discussed

Apology accepted :)

D) I do believe in a God because I dont think chemicals creating universes are the masters

Naw ... not 'chemicals' just by themselves . The 'Scientist makes life' mix, with electric soup enzyme trix, is a big scientism * hoodwinking fix


E) I believe in a benign God because it might be a stupid God to want everything destroyed

ummm .... pass

F) Well, why worry, some say, I dont worry, I just wanna i know and not from "faith" as that is seriously unstable

Unfortunately this question and that other big one ( what happens after death ) do not deal with any certainty or 'knowing' <shrug> .... that's just the way it is.

G) if anyone feels to attack me for anything dont bother, I've done and paid my dues trice over so dont even try it

:) dont even try it .... ? < tentatively pokes her > :)

H) Just say it as if is!

Not sure what this means , but I will say something about it all 'as if it is'

My belief is we are all part of the dream of a giant sleeping snake, curled up in water underground.

Hint ... note the 2nd word in the above sentence .... once you can separate the 'reality' of that world (belief) ... and satisfy those desires - which may not need to intrude into other worlds ( Like your 'knowing', or certainty or knowledge) .... it all gets a lot easier to sort out.

The issue seems to be , people, who have strong convictions and needs in their beliefs ( we all do ) get them all mixed up with the other things in life and functions of our self.

For many, their beliefs and 'reality' and knowledge and certainty are not separated from their beliefs ... they can, not only insist their beliefs are 'facts of reality' .... but also apply to your reality as well !

Thats when it gets uber-urkey .


I haven't read through each and every post yet--but I am of similar belief to Daniel and Padma, myself. I was raised Catholic from birth, however ever since I was 6 years old, I and probably before this--I often questioned the Catholic Faith as it was taught to us. Not just at home but mostly in Church and the Catholic School my siblings, friends and I attended.

If we were all made in the image of God, and God was all loving, why would he ever punish us? That never made sense to me. This said though, I did find comfort in the Church where I attended--but possibly because I grew up going there and I also worked for the Catholic Church and my friends were there as well. I would have to say though that I am more spiritual then limiting myself to only being labeled as "Catholic".

I do believe there is a universal force--of which we are ALL a part of. Similar to "The Collective" (the Borgs in Star Trek)--except that we are also each an individual who have the choice to choose each step in our lives. (if you can follow me here :laugh:)

I believe and know that we are all born into this life with a role to play to help others around us and those whom we come into contact with-to develop spiritually. We are all here to learn something as well as to teach something.

I like how Padma phrased it here:
I think there is a universal force, I think we are all interwoven and our paths all though everyone who ever lived is part of a big tapestry. I think there is a major or larger idea for our lives, but many free choices within that major path.
This is exactly how I believe too!

As far as one or many Gods, I feel too, again like Padma stated, we are all a God in a specific way. Many of us who are just about to reach perfection-perhaps--are seen as someone to follow and truly learn from. I'm speaking of people both living and deceased now. For the larger population of our world it can be Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul II, Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, Ghandi, Martin Luther King and others who have in their own way left a big mark on the rest of us--most of us seeing the beauty in their souls and doing our best to follow by their example. Then, there are also personal "God" like people, who are more in our own personal realm--such as a beloved parent or grandparent maybe. And, also those from long ago--such as Jesus Christ, The Blessed Mother, and Buddha.

and as Barleywine posted here, as something George Carlin wrote:
When I walk out my back door into the fields and forests, I'm in my private "cathedral."
I absolutely LOVE this and feel this is so true too. :thumbsup:

This said, I still keep and practice many of my Catholic ways--such as praying the rosary on a daily basis. But, I also have adopted rituals from other walks of Faith as well. Not that my Catholic family and friends understand this, but it is what makes me whole and this is the path I am choosing to follow.

Not One God--but a Universal Force with MANY Gods--of whom we are all a part of and where I hope I am able to leave a large footprint in for others to follow if they so choose.


Do you believe in God?

According to what I think most people mean by "believe" and "God," I would honestly have to answer "No." However, if the question is asked by a proselytizing evangelical, I might lie and say "Yes," just so they will leave me alone.