Do you believe in God


I don't believe in any god, but I do believe in the spirit world and in Earth itself. I do find it very hard to define and explain lol


Yes, I believe in God/Allah. True, I'm a Muslima and converted few years ago. Right now, for many people, my choice can be considered as controversial. But it's this what I feel/see/understand as my spiritual core. I'm not a typical Muslim, for sure. I'm more into Sufism and Shia Islam because of more mystical and spiritual angle. But my husband and friends are Sunni who are way more pragmatic in everyday life. But it doesn't mean we don't share "weird" or mystical happenings which are connected with our beliefs tightly. So yes, I'm proud to practice what I practice, more shamanistic/healers' way. And what is extremely important - Islam recognise the Otherworld where live djinns/fey (in my opinion and experience, they share many traits and are closely related). It's very important for my practice cause I know (or feel) that exist many deities. Someone would tell it's something against mainstream Islam. Yes, it is but as I said, I'm not typical. This what I believe, my faith is based on the personal experience which took me to this way where I'm now. I've never accepted that you must pick one thing. If it's right for someone, fine. But I'm not this kind of person. I've made my decisions and saw what is right for my heart and spiritual growth. I'm not sure what happen in next few years, I can change completely.

I hope I made my point :)

You dont need to aplogise for your personal faith/honest beliefs....

damn..i forgot i started this thread...thng is i understand everyone perfectly.....we are a result of our upbringing and our own experience and actions and realisations etc etc...ongoing project......isnt it just a matter of not hurting others? all religions preach love so those that dont or make allowances are for the skip? Call me a hippy but love and compassion works so well...thats after youve issued a warning to your enemy, not beaten them to a pulp......


Indeed ! I hate being asked undefined question like that , as one is going to be slotted into a category of the others creation. They will immediately think you believe or not according to their terms and definitions. It seems more like the question ; do you believe in 'my God'. Those that have a 'God possession' are often the most .... 'intense' and projecting about it

A) no one has defined God

- indeed , the old ; “Tell me about the God you don’t believe in. I probably don’t believe in him either.”

B) the concept has been used by many mainly for manipulation/control of populations

Isnt it curious that patriarchal controlling jealous paradigms have a patriarchal controlling jealous God ?

C) I apologise as I am sure the subject has come up before and been discussed

Apology accepted :)

D) I do believe in a God because I dont think chemicals creating universes are the masters

Naw ... not 'chemicals' just by themselves . The 'Scientist makes life' mix, with electric soup enzyme trix, is a big scientism * hoodwinking fix


E) I believe in a benign God because it might be a stupid God to want everything destroyed

ummm .... pass

F) Well, why worry, some say, I dont worry, I just wanna i know and not from "faith" as that is seriously unstable

Unfortunately this question and that other big one ( what happens after death ) do not deal with any certainty or 'knowing' <shrug> .... that's just the way it is.

G) if anyone feels to attack me for anything dont bother, I've done and paid my dues trice over so dont even try it

:) dont even try it .... ? < tentatively pokes her > :)

H) Just say it as if is!

Not sure what this means , but I will say something about it all 'as if it is'

My belief is we are all part of the dream of a giant sleeping snake, curled up in water underground.

Hint ... note the 2nd word in the above sentence .... once you can separate the 'reality' of that world (belief) ... and satisfy those desires - which may not need to intrude into other worlds ( Like your 'knowing', or certainty or knowledge) .... it all gets a lot easier to sort out.

The issue seems to be , people, who have strong convictions and needs in their beliefs ( we all do ) get them all mixed up with the other things in life and functions of our self.

For many, their beliefs and 'reality' and knowledge and certainty are not separated from their beliefs ... they can, not only insist their beliefs are 'facts of reality' .... but also apply to your reality as well !

Thats when it gets uber-urkey .

You crack me up LOL

unfortunately for many of us youre probably right



no gods or goddesses whatever.
Have thousands of reasons why.

They exist or might have done in the past in yr head though whichd was positive, ie to help is that any worse than listening to a psychiatrisyt preaching to you?


I do believe in an after life but does that mean i believe in God, i also think that the universe is full of intelligent life on other planets, but again we haven't any proof of this so why do we believe in God?


I do believe in an after life but does that mean i believe in God, i also think that the universe is full of intelligent life on other planets, but again we haven't any proof of this so why do we believe in God?

An after life as yourself? or someone else? I dont think evidence...and why would anyne care...this is the life we live....we are in the queue for pushing up daisies....


God is the masculine word. Goddess, the feminine (hence why, when referring to God - people mostly fall to addressing it as "He" - or do it automatically from their ideas that it is a "He".). And ahh - doesn't "having faith" mean believing in something that has no proof?
A rather human pattern.

I believe in a something - an underlying energy that powers creation and destruction - an "eternal voice that calls all creatures to live and die" (Contracted from Payam Nabarz' "Rite of the Seven Planets").
And that we are all linked to/part of, this energy - connected, interconnecte, one, all, everything, no-thing, the universes and the tiniest particle.
As part of this energy, I believe we have within ourselves, some power to manifest and impact our reality.
(I believe that the Grand Canyon, and the Redwood forest - are God. And that we are God looking at it...).
That - is "God" to me (Pantheism). And it has no gender.
- Is it conscious? (we are presently. Lol.) Is it's centre "sitting up in the sky benignly"?
Did it, in some section of itself "make the world and then retreat from direct connection, leaving us to it"?
(possible for it to have done so, and be a part of us and we of it?) Does it somehow "have a plan"? - I've no idea.

I believe that as human beings, we create God/Goddess/Deity (in our own image, or at least some kind of image that we can relate to) so that we are comforted and less fearful of the unknown and unknowable.
We prefer to add meaning and order to our lives and feel that there is a reason why things are the way they are (generally). We create a "story" about "God" and a structure to follow in relation to him (Or a story about the Deity - in relation to Hir ;) ) - religion.
And in most of these forms there is a moral code which teaches us to "live in peace" with each other.
(Ofcourse sadly - this structure often becomes a method of control and power accruement. YAWN!).


After some looking around, I chose a format of relating to this energy that just "sits right" with me.
It's Polytheistic and a rather fluid format. (I'm Wiccan)
So when I focus on a particular form (particular Deity) - I am focussing on the specific elements of that whole
energy - that is defined by that from.
And of course - making up new God/Goddess/Androgynous Deity is allowed. :)


double posts


double posts