Do you have to talk outloud to speak to the Faeries?


I suppose this is a stupid question! But I wonder if you need to speak out loud in order to communicate with the faeries? My husband already thinks I'm loony, but I'm afraid if I actually have to talk out loud to this deck then it may limit the time I can spend with it. LOL.

I am just getting to know the deck, and I'd like to pull a card a day to get started. What is a good question to ask for a card per day question? I was thinking that I'd keep the card out as long as it takes me to answer all or most of the questions from the first exercises in the book about it (a day or two), and then move on to the next one. Thoughts?

Thanks! I'm so looking forward to getting to know them as well as many of you seem to. I've actually avoided reading a lot of the threads because I want to make my own impressions about the cards first. Although I have had to peek in the book a few times simply because I have a hard time reading the font on the cards. :)


The only time I honestly talk out loud to my Fae is when I'm asking for Them to return something to me that I need. Other than that, I hold 90% of my dialogues with my Fae in my head.

Every now and then, I will burst out giggling or something at a message they give me, and will spontaneously talk back. But I don't think it's necessary (unless you're calling for objects to be returned... but that's just my own plain ole whackiness that makes that "rule" though!)

Have no fear... Faeries know there is more than one way to hear a message that's being spoken to them than by sound vibrations alone. ;)


Hi Lunar Rabbit,
I've just been getting to know these cards again (bought them a while ago and put them aside) and am enjoying them.

I have been picking a card a day (sometimes every two or three days) and it varies how I pick the card. Sometimes I just shuffle the deck and ask the faeries who would like to tell me something today? Other times I ask who can help me , who do I need to hear from, who would like to accompany me etc. It depends on what is happening in my life. I also do three card readings and then pick the one card that appeals to me on days when I really need an answer.

I started a journal for the faeries and whichever card I pick I write down my initial impressions and then I read the book. I really like the book and enjoy reading it. I also have been writing parts from the book into my journal.

As for talking to the faeries :), well I guess it depends where you are and what you are comfortable with. I talk out loud at home (in my room), but have the conversation in my head anywhere else. The conversations in my head seem to work out better for some reason.



No, you don't have to talk out loud to them.
Some of them are quite secretive and would rather talk in Faerie Mind Speak.
I take one out every morning and it sits in a frame on my alter next to the computer.
I usually say Hi, Mikle a Muckle what are you going to teach me today?
(that's who came out this morning.)
And through out the day we have little talks, mostly in my head. At the end of the day I'll think about what Mikle brought into my world.

I hope he's telling me I get to goof off today. :D

Welcome to the World of Faeries lunar_rabbit!

P.S. The faeries are holding their stomachs and rolling around on the ground laughing.
Stupid question? They laugh.
No question about us is EVER stupid!
Loony? Whats loony?
Gales of raucous laughter......

Hummm they are in quite a jolly mood and rare form this morning.
I think we will all have our hands full with our Faeries today.


I talk out loud or mentally depending on who's around. Human, I mean. :)


Alissa said:
The only time I honestly talk out loud to my Fae is when I'm asking for Them to return something to me that I need. Other than that, I hold 90% of my dialogues with my Fae in my head.

Ditto ....


I was just Fixing to reply with: "Alissa's got it down-pat!", and Jewel sorta' beat me to it, tee,hee!


Thanks for all the input! It's strange to me to be working with a deck on their terms as much as mine. With the other decks I've had (which granted, I'm not a very experienced reader), I lost interest with the one-sidedness of it. I love the idea of having a literal dialog with them. I am so confident that this won't happen, that it makes it very exciting! But I also feel impatient because I just want to KNOW them and to heck with the work involved. LOL. Guess that is the Leo in me. ;-)

And speaking of Leos, after much deliberation last night, I picked Solus as my favorite card. Last thing before I put the deck away, I said "Goodnight Solus." He just has to be a Leo, don't you think?


I agree... Solus is about as Leo as it gets. I once told someone else that Solus reminded me of him, in terms of physical looks, and now that I think about it, he's a Leo too.

Good work, lunar rabbit!