Do you use reverse meanings


Hi all,

when I started reading (a whole of a year or so ago) I used revereses in all my readings and I still do when using my Universal Deck.

BUT, with the deck I am currently reading with (Sacred Circle), I can't do reverses...I can't "Read" the pix.

So here's the question, do you use reverses and if so with all your decks?




nice poll!

i do not read reversals. i was taught, and it makes sense to me, that there are enuf negative cards in the deck as it is. to me, reversing them would sorta be a bit more of a bother in the area of learning meanings.

so why would one want to bog their mind down with having to recall enough memorized versions of what the upright cards mean and then reversing them? i do not like to memorize cards and if i used reversals, i fear that that is what i would start doing with tarot. memorizing instead of relying on my intuition.

then again, i am still working my way thru this path and maybe one day down the road, i shall change my idea on this topic.

but until then... upright they stand!

blessed be,


I didn't want to use reversals in the beginning because I thought the cards got negative, or more negative, meanings. However, I have started using reversals because my view on this has changed. Like Rachel Pollack (78DW) says; reversals show us in what (area) we are blocking energies. For instance, if I get the Tower reversed in a reading, I would interpret this as a person's inability to go through/accept a neccessary change (for example, it depends of course). Three of Swords reversed would show that a person is having trouble facing his/hers loss of love. The lesson would be to face it, deal with it and move on. For example.

Reversals are not just negative, actually I don't consider them as being that. What about Ten of Cups reversed? I would interpret this card reversed as someone blocking out/not seeing/not accepting their happiness.

This is what works best for me. :)


I use reversals, but not necessarily in the prescribed manner. I think of it is a modification of the cards relationship to other cards. A way of saying that it has the same meaning but is expressed in a slightly different way. I don't feel that reversals significantly change the nature of the card, but that the strentgh of its influence might be less; or expressed in more subtle, hidden, or unconcious ways.

One of the first people that I talked to about Tarot claimed that a reversal actually reversed the meaning of the card. But that didn't seem right to me.


I always use reversals. Not to do so is like using half a deck.
Every third shuffle, the cards are spun a half turn.
Meanings are not set in stone (that's the problem with books, the writer attempts to lock meaning into their world-view).
A lot gets determined by the content and quality of that which passes between the sitter and the reader.
Is a reversed 10 of Cups blocked? Negative? Reduced impact? I like to let the situation/reading tell me.
In a static non-reading situation, a 10 of Cups tells me that all the elements are there for completion and joy for the sitter, but they are not allowing themselves the freedom of joy. Look elsewhere in the spread to find the main issue.
Reversals are HUGE!
Thanks for letting me rant...


I don't use reversals, I've not been practising/learning tarot long enough to be comfortable with using them. Maybe when I'm a little more experienced I might but not at the moment :)

Original Destiny

I don't use reversals I look at the cards around the card to determine the aspects of the card...negative cards either side...influence my interpritation accordingly


My thinking tends to go with the others who say that there is enough negative aspects per card. I think each card has a wide range of meanings, so reversals aren't really needed. As they say, A picture is worth a thousand words.

isthmus nekoi

I use reversals, but don't have fixed meanings prescribed to them. I use blockage or development as a general rule of thumb but if something stronger hits me, then I put that type of interpretation aside... For instance, if someone is reversed and happens to be "looking" at another card in the spread and they are very related, then I'll focus more on the relation than the idea that the energy is being repressed. Usually I'll encorporate both methods... ie. This weekend, w/Vertigo, I had The Chariot reversed on the crossing part of the c/c. Below was The Sun reversed. The Chariot horse was facing the crown position, so I read it as - the Chariot is trying to pull the Sun up into consciousness, it may be slow going b/c the Sun is still developing. I may be feeling tired, like the wheels are spinning (which is why the chariot too, is reversed) but I'm still going full force ahead (there are 4 horse heads in the Vertigo chariot!!!)


I used to use reversals, but then I got the Robin Wood, and veered away from them slightly, only to find one day, that I had given up using them at all! But I do add the negative aspects of the cards in anyway, just depending on the context the card is in....