Does anyone have any experience with bone divination?


Not the throwing of bones, but the reading of cracks in bones put into a fire? I came across mention of this in articles on Chinese divination. They usually used turtle shells, but also cow/bull shoulder blades and leg bones. I was wondering if anyone's tried it with chicken or other bones?

The question was asked by scratching words (or a symbol) onto the bone and tossing it into the fire, pulling it out when the fire died down and 'reading' the cracks. I've tried some unusual readings with autumn leaves on sidewalks, and a few other things without much success and was just curious about if anyone had experimented along these lines?

It came to mind today when I read a new article about digitizing 614 Chinese oracle bones found from 1339 BCE. I was hoping to see the turtle shells, but the images were all of the leg and shoulder bones of cows.
Kinda cool actually.

It's not the same as rune reading, or tarot cards. Trying to come up with a personal divination format is something I'm still in the process of doing. With chicken bones easily accessible, and campfires, well, you know.... Hearing of any experience of others along this line is always beneficial.


I've heared of human shoulder blade deviation but I think that's native to Kazakhstan. There is definatly line reading, maybe scrying. However, never has any experience with it.