Does anyone here use multi-decks of the Faeries' Oracle?

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Does anyone here use multi-decks of the Faeries' Oracle? I think I wrote back some time ago here, not sure which thread it was under that Jesa Macbeth uses three of the Faeries' Oracle decks all together for readings. The fae wanted her to do this and it has proven very useful and insightful. She wrote where in certain situations the same card came up in the reading, but of course under different positions, thus giving added meaning.

Another reason that was brought up for the more-than-one-deck in use is your zero card. If you create your Guide on your card, which you should, then you have another zero card for leaving blank. The blank one allows any fae guide wanting to come in the freedom to and this is especially true for doing readings for others, as their own guide will show on this card.

Jesa talked of having two fae guides and was thinking of placing the second fae on the second zero card and with her using a third deck, still leaving the third Guide cards blank.

I am stopping this post and continuing on in another one due to length and a change in the talk.

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For sometime before reading the talk on multi decks I had felt like I should work with two. I have a second one now as an early Christmas gift, so looking forward to readings with the two decks. It can't be shuffled without separating them in to sections.
The deck I've had is slightly larger than the new deck and it has bugged me with the difference. I rounded the corners of the larger deck to help somewhat. So far I haven't had the time to do many readings with the combined decks. I prefer to read with quiet and time alone, lol, haven't had that lately.

Something very interesting I have found while I take sections of cards reverse part of them and shuffle this section in with that one and then pick up another section and shuffle it in with part of the other is how often I have noticed when going to search for a specific card, just how often that the two cards end up finding their way together or near to being together! Or like when picking up two sections to shuffle, that the bottom card of each section is the same one. Man I love the faeries! They are so much fun.

I personally don't know that I will ever feel the need to up the grouping to three decks but the two decks are truly loving being together. I had to get them a new home too due to twice as many.


hmmm, not sure if I'm following you here. Are you talking about having two decks of the Brian Froud deck? I do use two faerie decks, and often will use both of them in the same reading (mostly just pulling a clarity card from the other deck). I use Froud's fae, and Healing with the Faeries. It is an interesting thought though to have two Froud decks. Wow that would be a whole lotta faerie action, not sure I could handle that much fae around LOL.


The problem mentioned is not uncommon. I've heard things like that from novice rune-readers too (there are 24 lots). There is no one solution, I suppose. What I found true to myself is that interacting with faeries is important. I feel ("hear") when I need to shuffle the deck. Sometimes it is ok to hold a 20+ card spread without shuffling, and sometimes faeries tell me to shuffle the whole deck (including cards drawn - I just write them and positions on a piece of paper) just to get a commenting card.

Talking materially, I see what you are coming from. There are chances, there are possibilities calculated to draw a particular card when 5 cards are already laid before you. Talking spiritually, I don't see a point at all. I have a spiritual oracle (I still haven't found time to put it to form) that I use mentally. There are only 3 rowan-tree sticks. And I have no problems interpreting. Perhaps, when you are doing a specific spread positions dictate somewhat what card is appropriate there. I see relevant things when I see the Bright Mother in 'harm' (or negative influences) position or the Dark Lady in 'help' position. I'm not saying that these 2 cards in those positions mean the same things, but there is some analogy. There is also a sure way to get a message - ask faeries what they mean by a particular card in a particular position. That's MHO, of course.

BTW, I don't use a Faery Guide card as I am able to communicate with faeries without it. Besides, my patron sometimes helps as He is already in the oracle. ;)

Actually, I see the 2-deck shuffling problem because my Teacher added some additional cards to the oracle. Now her deck went over 120+. And, man, this is a deck hard to handle. I prepared 3 additional cards of my choice and 2 faeries asked to be drawn (one of those was Luathas's brother *lol*) and then added. I see this way of expanding FO deck more constructive. But hey! I might change my mind tomorrow as I have some faery blood in me. :)

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Yes Sag, precisely. I now have two decks of the Faeries' Oracles. One was slightly larger than the other one so I trimmed them a bit to help with this.

Jesa uses three exact decks all together and keeps them all together -- all are the Frouds/Macbeth Faeries' Oracles. She and others have talked of using them with other decks or oracles as you talked. They talked of even mixing them in with regular tarot decks, as not in separate reading or as a summation card.

Sorry I took a bit to reply to this. I wanted to hunt down some of the post in regards to this. If you join Yahoo's FaeryOracle Group you can read these in the archives. The message numbers I searched for are 8980, 8985, and 8990, but you have to join the group first.

P.S. I posted a new thread telling that this group is out there for all of us fae loving people.