Does anyone stil use/study the Playing Card Oracles?



Well, the Playing Card Oracles by Ana Cortez and C.J.Freeman is still one of my favorite oracle decks ever! But since my last year fight with all divination systems, i had not touched the book nor the cards.

Now i retrieved this deck from the lost kingdom of the mothballs and feel like using it again. I love it so much...the images, the system...everything.

I was wondering if there are other hidden PCO fans around here. I used to be a major PCO advocate, lol :laugh:. I remember 6 Haunted Days also loved this dack, but i haven't seen her around :(

I'm trying to gather the PCO enthusiasts again. Maybe we could study it together, exchange readings etc.

For those who don't know this deck and are curious, you see some pics here:


Bumping this.

No one? :(


I sold mine as soon as I got it, pretty much, to someone on here who loved it.

I'll look back and see if I can remember who it was.


I still have the book and cards but rarely (if ever) use them.

I thought I'd really love this set, but I just don't like that the cards are so specific to the system, which I couldn't get on with :(


Le Fanu

I love this deck. But I admit that I haven't used it much of late, though it is a deck Ive had various, periodic upsurges of love for! So any day now I should be back raving about it.

The problem is that I have so many other decks all vying for attention and Ive noticed that tarot always wins out against oracles. Plus I noticed that when studying it, there was a lot of memorising involved because the images didn't always convey what the meanings were. Always a problem. When I memorise mechanically, the meanings don't stick. When the cards are vivid, I remember the meanings forever! I had to really make an effort to memorise!

Love the illustrations and the book/concept is great!

But I don't "do" study groups! Sorry! :)


Oh, that's a real shame.

It seems i'm the only one who still uses the deck D:

Actually, i find the meanings pretty intuitive...but you've got to work with the deck a lot for them to stop being memorized and become intuitive. You've got to get used to the images, the PCO is much more about seeing the "overall" look of the card togethers than interpreting them one by one. Sometimes, the individual meaning of the cartain card simply doesn't matter, it's just there to complete the picture.

It's certainly very different from the tarot.

The geomancy part is interesting, but i still need my good ol' PCO journal to use it. I never remember the name of the images! Then again, i usually use the "Lost Man" and "The Bridge" spreads which do not need geomancy. And they give me great results!

I know that you do not "do" study groups, Le Fanu :D. I was hoping that there would be other people still interested in this deck. But that's okay, i've been studying it alone for so long i might just keep doing that...

Thank you for all who answered, it's good to see some people still remember this great deck & book!


Hi Marina,
I just recently acquired this deck and just love the cards. I haven't had a chance to study it yet but would love to give it a try.I am very new to this idea of divination.
I like the idea of using regular playing cards to divine with.

Le Fanu

I meant to dig this out and have another play after last posting. I really do like this deck and I think it is one of the few Oracles around which has a seriously "water-tight" system, if you know what I mean. The book really is excellent. it's one of those decks which, in another life, I would need no other deck than this.

I really do feel that everything one needs is really in this deck!!


I have this deck and book, and while I really enjoy looking at it, the more Lenormand and oracles and other card systems that come into my life the more I realize that for me, right now, tarot is where it's at. I like the structure, because I am weird and I find that freedom for me is only possible within structure, if that makes sense to anyone. But it does seem to be a very well thought out system, and the artwork has that certain funk that I like best.

Le Fanu

Manda said:
I have this deck and book, and while I really enjoy looking at it, the more Lenormand and oracles and other card systems that come into my life the more I realize that for me, right now, tarot is where it's at.
I think that's exactly what Im feeling but have been unable to articulate...

I love these oracles - Kipper, Lenormand, Playing Card Oracles, Nostradamus, Paracelsus, you name it - but when I lay out tarot cards, I feel like Im truly at home and Ive internalised the structure so well that (despite having masses still to learn) I feel like I swim within the system, rather than the jolting I get with Oracles, having to consult the book, remember the concept, wonder if Ive missed anything etc etc.

but with tarot I swim...