Does it matter how I shuffle the cards?


I find the cards are 98 percent accurate
about my situations that I've been in. But I never cut the deck in half or anything like that. I just shuffle them by putting some bottem cars on the top a few times, and I find that it really works well that way for me. What do you think? Jenny.


Well if it works, then it doesnt matter what we think hehe, shuffle how you want, if it works youre doing it right hehe. Some people just mix them in a pile on the table and pick them up then do a spread :)


Well, as far as affecting how well the tarot works.. my experience for the most part would be no, it doesn't matter how you shuffle them.

However, with your simple method.. the problem that arises is that after a few readings of the cards not being shuffled well enough, the same cards will appear more often in spreads. And while you might think this means the cards are telling you the same message and are accurate, it's more likely because the cards haven't been mixed thoroughly.

This is why before I perform a spread, I shuffle the cards (using the riffle method) thorougly .. at least 6 times, cut the deck, and shuffle a couple more. I like to know that the cards are being mixed thorougly and whatever cards come up are supposed to come up. After I complete a spread, I shuffle again at least 3 times.



I agree with New2Tarot that the cards do need to be shuffled thoroughly before & after readings, but I really advise against riffle shuffling them. It bends the cards, and will eventually fray the edges to the point where they are damaged and will have to be replaced.
Lace shuffling is a better method, IMHO.
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This is also true (forgot to mention..), riffle shuffling isn't the most desirable method of shuffling your deck if you are looking to keep your cards in top-notch condition.

My preference is to work with a deck that is well-worked and warm feeling, with good flex and a worn in feel.. my deck is a year old and it is in great condition. I have been riffling the whole time, and although the cards shuffle easier and are somewhat soft, the edges are fine and the deck sometimes is curved after shuffling, but I always am able to return it to a flat state.

I suppose somewhere down the road I will have to replace it, but I prefer working with cards that are like this, and so riffling is the method I choose.

But lacing and just mixing the cards on a flat surface work well too, and keep the cards in near perfect condition



You might be interested in reading a previous thread we had about shuffling the cards:

To me, whatever shuffling and selection method you are comfortable with is fine, as long as there is a good mixing and selection process. I had a problem with an older deck in that some of the cards were slightly dinged up at the corners, so when I cut them I started to get some of the same dinged cards in the selection. To avoid this from happening, I now use a fan spread instead of cutting the deck, to give each card an equal chance of being selected. And I'm also more gentle with the shuffling, to avoid damaging the cards.


Regarding how to shuffle the cards, I like to riffle them at least six times, cut them in three decks and replace them at random. Then make a circle out of the cards and pull the amount needed for the spread I am using. This gives great results. So far my readings have been accurate, and I feel that there is no feeling of not having shuffled the cards adequately.

Original Destiny

like New2Tarot, I find that the cards can repeat themselves,but for me it's because they are getting a bit "vibe" heavy so I clean them using crystals. sort of ,give them a service