Doreen Virtue Decks changes and such


I started with her Angel Tarot and then moved on to her fairy tarot(which I like better). But I did realize that they were very sugar coated and wanted more. So I moved on to the WU and Tarot Illuminati. But I do give her credit for getting me started and I go back to those decks occasionally. I will never part with them. I don't always want or need a blunt or harsh reading. I do hope she continues making tarot decks as I am very interested in the upcoming Animal Tarot.


looked at the link you provided Gregory, but we are still no further on as to if and when she will be continuing to develop other cards.

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l just had a look at a friends Angel Tarot to see if it was that sugary, but was quite surprised that she does follow Rider Waite closely. She does not show the Devil or Tower in a graphic way but that's okay, her explanations are the same. So l would say that a newcomer to tarot would have a good grounding and then progress on to other tarot cards like you have.


The person from Hay House said when I asked about the one that is already available on preorder:
Hi there,

I am not showing any details indicating that the deck would be pulled.

I think they probably know as little as we do... They did suggest asking her on FB. I am not signed up there, so you're all on your own !

I'll get on to that newsletter now... MAYBE it will help.

Wait - does this link work if you didn't get an email with it all in ?

If you can read it there, I don't hafta do anything !


I can read it, but it doesn't say anything of substance, beyond the fact that her baptismal date was in February and was to change her body of work.


And that's all Hay House have to work with :( (After all, they aren't only about her; they are trying to run a business !)