Drawing a faery guide - technical question

isthmus nekoi

I just received the Faeries' Oracle and have enjoyed reading through the book so far. I have a question about the blank "Faery Guide" card. I like the idea of drawing in your own faery (faeries?) but I'm thinking the surface is too slick for ink/pencil. I read another member who used ink only to have it bead and smear. If you successfully used this card, what did you use to draw your faery? Thanks!


After much thought and heart searching about whether or not I should draw on the card, and what I should draw and how I should draw it, I decided my fairy guide was invisible.
So I left the card blank.


I also left my card blank, as I decided many different Fae come by to serve as guides, so when I get it in a draw, I just meditate and smile at whoever comes to talk...

Sorry to have no advice for drawing! I also felt the surface was quite slick.


I drew on mine with a biro. It isn't very good because I am not an artist. It is a fae holding a key and I put a key into the upper right. I called her "Love disguised".


I created my faery on paper and then traced over the image while it was on top of the card ...this left a sort of dented in outline...then I used permanent black marker over the image. It's just black and white...no color...

Another idea though would be to create the image on some adhesive paper and then adhere it to the card. (similar to the white file folder labels but bigger) I am creating a personal deck of oracle cards in that way because I am not artistic either...and by doing that I can use images from other places.

isthmus nekoi

All great suggestions, thanks!


I wondered the same thing as you, for quite a while. I didn't want the ink to bleed and smear, and pencil seemed like it would indent the card, so I didn't mess with it. In the end, I just decided to leave the card blank, as in my minds eye, the Fae are amorphous beings at times and can change appearances if they feel like it. I also felt that different guides may appear at different times, so I sort of use the card as more of a "scrying mirror" and I didn't want to imbed a static image on the card. I have drawn my Fae guides in various sketchbooks and paintings though... I like the idea of tracing an adhesive (removable of course) picture to the card though,because then the drawings could theoretically be swapped out, so I'll have to try that!


There are a couple of methods that will work on this particular card...

you can use Sharpie brand markers...just make sure they are dry before you shuffle.

Or you can add a thin layer of acrylic paint or acrylic gesso to the card. After it's dry, it should allow you to use pencil (though I would try for a soft pencil like Prismacolor rather than a hard lead which would scratch.)

Or you can just use acrylic. Mine was painted, and has held up remarkably. I added a thin layer of clear coat and it shuffles along with the other cards beautifully.

Here's a pick of the yakmuse...who has been my faerie guide for a long time!


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That is really cool, and I think it blends with the deck very very well! Beautiful job on that painting! I like the Yakmuse! :D
Thanks for the technical advice, I'll have to try that.

isthmus nekoi

Apologies for the late reply! Thanks for the suggestions Chronata and sharing your guide here :) Using a primer is a great idea.