Dream again ..


So what was weird is that last night I had a rather warped dream.

So before I head off out I thought I'd share.

It started off pleasant my cat (in spirit was their) and he was living with us again and I sat giving him cuddles and making sure he didn't get out.

A few hours later my mum and my aunt showed me this YouTube video someone had put on about a dog who was called poppy. (I have a friend called poppy in real life).

Mum kept it as a surprise for me and told me to only watch part of the video because she knew the dog was coming into our home.

Then it changed, I was in the hospital and my friend and I (that I supposedly flirt with). In the dream it seemed we were an item, We're waiting for my ex and their in laws and brother to get out of hospital because she was having a baby. Someone had brought the wrong nappies so we had to change them .. (the nappies said April, but needed march on them) I don't know why the month was appropriate.

So we went for them swapped and I split some beans on the floor in the supermarket and asked the bakery lady for some cleaning stuff and tissue to clean up the juice, there was an old man whom I didn't want to fall over it so he walked over to.

It seems that this dream is about birth, re birth and allowing new things to come in. And letting go of the old. My mum doesn't know who poppy is in real life so I wonder if that's a sign not to give up hope on having another four legged companion?

I do wonder what the months of march and April have to do with my dream ..