Dream I had last night


So, a classmate of mine from Kindergarten to 8th grade just posted that his mother passed away. He never said how she died and I figured that he wouldn't because that's personal. So I had a dream that I was at his house and his little brother was there also. So, across the staircase was a platform that had a blanket on it. Drawn in chalk was a purple square and around that was a pink square. In the center, towards the bottom was a large dent like he head dent.

As the dream went on, a man came in who claimed that he was her husband but something was off about him. So he leads me out to his car and he says that I need to help remove a body which I assume is the mother's. I see the mother's body in the bed of the truck wrapped in a carpet (it was blue). So, of course I'm nervous and I say that nothing will happen to me, we're just dropping off a body and the man says yes. So I tell him that I'm going to get one of the brothers to go with me just in case and when I get inside I call the police only to be greeted with an answering machine. The man and his truck has gone and so what followed was a montage of me, and the brothers running around the country leaving letters to the man, knowing that he'll find him. We throw them out of windows and we post them to coffee shop cork boards. (This coffee shop is one I frequent when I'm away in college)

So I think that this dream is about fears about losing my mother. From what I know, pink represents love and purple is royalty. I'm not sure what having that head sized dent is meant to mean. Just writing it out, I'm still not sure what it means nor why I was able to remember so much of it and why I dreamt about people who I haven't seen in 7 years.