Dream Insight spread


This is a spread to help you interpret a dream.

First part of the process
As soon as you wake up, even when you still feel sleepy, go to your writing desk and write down your dream. Put in as much detail as you can remember. Especially write down the details that feel important to you.

As an example, last night I dreamt the whole world of my dream was submerged in clear, calm water. So clear you can see through it like air, and even breath does not create bothersome bubbles. I could swim through it to go anywhere, instead of simply walking. I can breathe underwater, too, but I can come up to the surface high above me for a full breath of air if I wanted. There was a girl in my dream who asked me to sing a song, and I did. I sang it underwater. Then I found a gay man who resembled a really close friend. I was stroking a scar on his chest and he was giggling at the sensation of my touch. Then he said he is casting me in a play he is doing, and out of his many choices (a book appeared with the masked faces of many unknown young men) he picked me to play the role. I felt my acting mentor was somewhere in the world of my dream, and if I could swim up to him and tell him he'd be proud. Then I woke up.

Second part of the process
The spread.


This may appear complicated. Let me break it down for you.

1. Dream Self Significator. This is the card of your dream self, picked randomly from your deck. If your dream self were to come to you for a one-card reading, this would be the card he or she would pick.

2. What did I miss? What did I forget? Often when we wake up there are elements in the dream that simply escape our conscious mind. This card will help you remember. For example, in my dream sequence above, I can't remember in my wakeful moments the song I sang underwater, although it was a rather popular song. This card could point to that, or point to another element altogether that I had simply and completely forgotten upon awakening.

Now, the list of the dream elements would make up the cards below. In can be as few or as many as the elements you listed in your dream recall (when you wrote down your dream) that you want the cards to enlighten for you.

So, in my dream sequence above, I would assign a card each thus:
a. The Akashic water/air that filled my dream world
b. The girl in my dream who asked me to sing for her
c. The gay man who resembled a friend
d. The book of the masked unknowns
e. The unseen presence of my acting teacher

3. Why did I get this dream? This may reveal the state or current circumstance of your Conscious Self that your Unconscious Self wants to speak about using the rich imagery of dreams. What is it you need to face and deal with?

4. What should I do? This is the advice card and calls you to action.

For a sample reading that has received feedback from other readers, click here.


@readerico Thank you for this!! (I'm new to the community and this is my first post!)
I've been writting down my dreams every morning for 5 years now, and I'm always amazed by the unconscious. I've tried a simple three card spread before, but I'll definitely try this next time!!! [emoji1362]

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Dear ellaella, I am delighted that your first ever post is a reply to my spread. I am even more delighted to meet someone who is also a dream enthusiast. I can see why this spread clicked with you and makes sense to you, since you've been doing dream work for five years! Wow! šŸ˜Š And welcome to the Forum! I have found a lot of encouragement and gentle guidance here. I'm new here, too, joined about a month ago. Let me know if you've tried this spread and how it went for you. You can post your own dream insight reading in the Your Readings part of the Forum. Again, a hearty welcome!

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