Dream interpretation suggestions?


Hi there,

Has anyone got some ideas on helping interpret this dream?


That I was travelling around with B (an elderly man who is head of a large family, of which I have been a visiting member of throughout many years) and S (his son who is about 8 years older than me and who the family had always hoped I would marry) and we were in a glasshouse, lots of green plants, it was on dusk and the sky was gloomy, not any other people around.
S, (who I have been attracted to and in love with at different times before) was really close to me and we were talking/ almost flying and we moved close to the point that our cheeks were side by side and our lips were on a sideways angle of kissing and I kissed him and it made a loud 'smack' sound.
Then his father (B) (who was standing on the ground) saw this but didn't say anything.
Then S teased me in front of his father saying , 'I don't know which scandal of yours I'm going to talk about more, this one or the others.'
I felt powerless, like this was surreal and deeply hurt, rejected and misunderstood.
I said that I had kissed him because I we were already having our lips touch anyhow.
He rejected what I said and claimed I had kissed him and it was not welcome and I was way out of line.


To me this dream is about being scandalised for something that was already brewed and brewing by others as much as me. It's about being scapegoated by these others who were so dear to me and this does make sense because I've exoerirnced a bit of that in day to day life in past few years


Hi Bonny, if we only focus on what you felt in the dream, these are the elements:

- you expressed affection towards someone who seemed to reciprocate, but backtracked when he was "confronted" about it.
- you think you did the right thing/natural act in the dream and were surprised that it was exposed and ridiculed like that in the dream.
- you felt treated wrongly by these other people: the person you kissed (showed affection to) and the person's family member/outsider (maybe the "wider public").

I think it could mean that you are apprehensive or worried about being exposed, ridiculed or judged by something you've done, even though deep in your heart you know you did nothing but the right thing or what felt natural at the time. You are mentally preparing for "bearing the consequences" in case this action of yours come to light; and you seem to expect that people will judge you or not understand why you did what you did.

You might also be disappointed by another person who has not taken the responsibility of his/her actions and has left you high and dry to sort out what happened on your own, without helping you or supporting you.

Let me know if this resonates.


Hey Saskia,

Thank-you very much for giving me your time and thoughtful listening to my question.

Yes! I hadn't seen it as this ...

C ("my " beau) is seperated

Before I got involved with C I made clear I was not getting involved in anything that has three people in it. He confirmed that it was all finished, the ex she knew that.

He made firm decision to go out in public for our dates because he said he was 'serious' avbout me. He was and remains honest tgat there's nothing between them and he's been physically seperated for a long while.

Then he called it off abruptly. (Straight after meeting friends of his who would have spread the word I am his girlfriend.. He told me this).

The ex has pressured him to break it off via access to children threats. She has made up all kinds of shaming judgements on his relationship with me which he judged himself on and left me standing there thinking, 'is this mad? We did nothing wrong... '
Because I don't think we did anything wrong (given he is splintered by toxic crap from ex) I am feeling the backlash as if I'm a 'scarlet' woman.

War zone of divorce crap !

So yes this all makes sense given the bridge you built in your suggestions on it as to my fear of being judged and having been abandoned to take the weight of that alone.