Dream interpretation.


Hi :)

I've had a dream in 2009 that kinda stayed with me and was wondering if you guys could help me with it. I'll give you more detail from real life in few weeks. I'd like to know if any of you can pick up something.

The dream:
I'm visiting someone. I open the door to a townhouse that is being sold. I am in a room. I see a very old, skiny tired woman sitting on single bed with a cot. She looks said. She is telling me that she died of cancer but that it was not true. A woman killed her by letting her die. The old woman is showing me a picture of a yong woman. Blond, with the short haircut. So I ask her why? And the old woman shows me the men on the next ellivation of the house, they wanted her dimonds..

1. I was dating a guy at a time. So in this dream I'm thinking that the old woman is my bfd mother who died of cancer three months before we met.
2. I have never seen her in life or on picture.
3. His mother was a nurse and in reality looks like (found a picture in 2015) the nurse in my dream (the one in the dream was young in her 20s)
4. The bfd is cancer by horoscope.
What you guys think?


to be continued

So those of you who read this dream and PMed comments. Thank you! I have somewhat an update for you... Last night I had another dream with this same woman. However, this time she was in her teenage years... In my dream I was next to a huge oven that looked like a cremation chamber and I was placing cabbage into it. I wanted to have it burned and this woman, a very young version of her, she volunteered to help. We were making jokes and laughing when we heared someone was coming. She tuned around to me worried and told me to hide. I did. A man walked in and when he saw the burned cabage he became furious. However, when he asked who did it, she took the blame completely upon herself. She protected me! I was surprised. Then I saw the guy take her down and chop her limbs off. I was too scared to do anything but our thoughts exchanged and she told me to stay hidden like what he was doing to her, she accepted. When I walked into the yard of this facility, there were many punished people... some are so grotesque that I woke up panicky.

Any opinions?