Dreamed of Fairies

Shadow Wolf

Last night I dreamed of fairies. I can't really put my finger on
what the dreams were about, but I know that the fairies came out to play in my dreams. I can still see them in my head,
flitting around, sparkiling light behind and beneath them !!!

It was awesome !!!!!


i dreampt of the fae last night aswell, but they didn't look like your typical every day faeries. one was tall and thin and another short and plump, i think they were elves or pixies or sumthing, not so sure. i dreampt about plants and things, so perhaps they were teaching me a bit about certain herbs which in this case was valerian, which would make sense as i use herb lore a lot in my craft.
first time i've properly dreamed of the fae.



I have in the past...

dreamed of faeries. I love dreaming about them. My last dream with the fae was about 2 months ago. I was in the "woods" but not any ordinary woods that you find here on earth. These woods were dark woods but sparkling all around, deep undergrowth, but rich in dark green colors. It was night time, and there was a camp fire (or a fire anyways) burning not too far away. There were faeries everywhere, some dancing, some making out, some just talking, others just relaxing watching everything else going on. I was walking through the woods and there was a faerie leading me (sort of). Finally she said "here's who you need to talk to". As soon as she said that, a "man" faerie turned around and said "oh yes, we do need to talk, here come with me". He led me by my hand to a "out of the way place" surrounded around these gorgeous trees. Then he started handing me things as he was talking, and giving me directions. He was saying "now here's the book you need to read, make sure you study it, and here's the journal you will be writing in. Here's a pen, now remember, ONLY USE THIS PEN, got it, no other pen will work, you ONLY use this pen!" I nodded and said "got it, only this pen, ok". He went on to explain or lecture me about more things, but I don't remember what he said. In any case, that was the most vivid dream I've had of them, where I saw them clearly. It was a very meaningful dream to me, and one I still think about often. Dreaming of the fae's are so neat!