DriveThruCards website - anybody heard of them before?


Someone today sent me an email about Gamecrafter, who I know about, but also mentioned who I had not heard of.

I checked their site but they don't have much up, no mention of tarot decks and not a lot on sizes available. I sent them an email asking about printing tarot cards just a few minutes ago so maybe they are able to do decks but I won't know till I hear back from them.

Just wondering if anyone else has heard about them. They're down somewhere in Kansas.


It always helps to post a link: :)

You have to go down the left side column to find 'Print My Decks'.

It says 'Tarot Decks coming in 2015.'


The site isn't all that people friendly.

Yes the card sizes page is this -
they can do round and square corners. One page said NO boxes offered, another said a clear box was available. However all the decks come wrapped in cellophane.

The guy emailed back about 10 minutes ago saying that the first quarter of 2015 is when they're planning on adding a tarot size, at the earliest.


Oh! I use their other site, DriveThruRPG a lot! I haven't published through them, but I've never had a problem on the purchasing side. Then again, I've always bought digital from them.


DTC updates!:)) BEST POD EVER?:)))

just to report my DTC order arrived yesterday!:)) so decided to update this thread;

1st they have best shipping rates ever!:))
I was shocked when my shipping cost was like 3$ for 3x36card decks bridge size +15 test cards!:)) all that cost me around 10$!:)) and arrived in 15 days from shipping which is miracle by itself for my part of the world especially considering it's a holiday time!:)) and best part NO TAX! even it say printed in US I wasn't even charged for regular post check out!x,x how cool is that?:))

2 superhappy with their Premium Card stock with UV finish!^^:))
and they offer Tarot, poker, bridge, mini card size!
(and just look at that larger print n poster options!^^:))

3 best costumer support ever!^^ they reply fast and will help you get trough *print preparation process that may seems quite dreadful tnx to outdated user interface,
but good news is they offer BETA option to upload your cards design in same way other *normal POD so far it's reserved only for Poker size but let's hope will get that for other card sizes soon!:)) until then collect your wits and follow instruction to assemble pdf, and don't worry about that CMYK thing, printed colors will look even better than on your screen!^^ lolz :))

4 just remembered to add they offer your publisher shop page!:)) here is my;

for full review visit;
than you!^^:))