Druid Craft


Hello Everone,
A friend of mine gave me DruidCraft for Christmas. I really enjoy looking at the cards. I'm still new to Tarot so I'm doing the baby steps. I also have small hands, but I do enjoy looking at the images. Looking forward to the study group, and discover different aspects of this particular set.

Bat Chicken

This is a wonderful deck for someone new to Tarot. I found that I connected and learned very quickly with it - more easily than with a few others I tried in the beginning. It was a wonderful gateway to the wide world of Tarot. Enjoy!


I have to agree with the previous comments, I too love this deck. Being a Pagan on a druid path it suits me just fine. Good luck with your studies.

Chris /I\


Me too! It's so connected to Nature & the people are so lifelike, they've become old friends (like various fellow-Druids I know.) The glowing egg-tempera colours and meticulous, loving attention to detail still take my breath away. :) /l\ (on the 3 of Swords ;) )


I personally love it!!

Merry Meet,

I just got the druidcraft on wednesday in the post but already I cant stop looking at the pictures.

Today I got the sacred circle tarot as well as I am a white withc so I tought the pagan/druid cards would suite me, but I must say, there is no comparison to the druidcraft. Druidcraft is just so beautifull.

Blessed Be AmberFox


I received my Druid Craft today in the post (as a gift),and my what a gift it is....what a lovely deck.I cant wait to really study this one. The images are really something else on this deck aren't they....really lovely.:)


The images are wonderful and you can always find something new, The deck really lends it self to walking into the card.


Still my favorite deck of all .