Druidcraft 3 of wands


This card in most decks is kind of easy because it means completion, creations of something someone did the initial work for. " ship coming in"
so fits.

But here he looks like a brigand lookout waiting for a caravan coming down the road.

This is sun in Aries a very energetic card it also relates to the Empress and bounty all and all a great card except the drawing is miss leading me.


Here's the card:

I like the way the three wands in this card are saplings.
They have had a successful beginning but there is still a lot of growing to do.

I also like the way the guy in the card is standing on a hill so that he can see the bigger picture, he's not getting hung up on details.

Is he waiting for someone to come back along that road or has he just seen someone off?


Yep that's what I thought.
I'd never thought that he may be waiting for someone to rob but I see it now. He could be an outlaw just waiting for that rich knight to come around that corner with a caravan of goodies :)


Maybe combining those 2 views is the beginning of finding the good/bad meanings of this card.


On way of looking at this card is we did the initial creation process in the 2's and the actual creation is coming to us in the 3 of wands.

Maybe the business partner ship he started in Dublin is paying rewards in Killarney.

I keep thinking there should be a 2.5 card some where. the thought of a project , getting stuff together that happens in a 2 all the sudden is there in the 3.

This could even be a new job as we send out our e mil resume then we get the job interview in the 3.


Here is what I have so far

Major symbols:
The man: Over looking the road can be a brigand looking for a un weary knight or a business man waiting for his caravan to come home.
The road: Possibilities can tell how much is known. But defiantly waiting for something
3 saplings: new energy growth you get the feeling he planted them and is waiting for them to grow.

Element: Fire – Passion, Energy, Commerce , Willpower
Number: 3 – Creation, Synthesis , Binah Supernal Mother

Sphere on the Tree of Life
Sphere 3 Form (Binah). The energy of the Two of Wands has
taken form in the Three as a specific field of endeavor.

Sun in Aries. You take charge of the situation (Sun) by taking
direct action to influence events to your liking (Aries).

Bringing it all Together: The man In the picture looking out at the road can be using the waiting on a caravan he invested in to come back Sun, Aries , Binah , fire and the 3 would all agree this is a possible way of looking at it He can use those energies for no good as well.
Also after initial success he can be resting on his laurels ad never progressing to much Aries fire needs to be fed. That road can lead to no where and maybe he can not accept this.


Hey CB, just saw this thread~
Here is what I wrote earlier in the daily draw thread~

A man is standing beside a large tree looking down upon a path he will probably take. There are three wands that look like little sprouting saplings from the large tree.
I take this as the large tree being his goal and vision ~ it seeded and shaded the little saplings ~ now it's time to transplant these small trees and let them get established in their new location; they're strong enough to survive the move.

I see the road as his current path, the next step.



Oddly, I don't think what I see fits in to what others are saying:

The road (path) that he come from, this is the one he travelled and learned but felt a time to settle and to establish (the big tree) his own life and family (the three sapplings) where he is standing. Trying to balance what he knows with what he needs to make him grow as a person.

Too many the building is that ship coming in, I think especially for someone who is Druid or Wiccan. They are deeply rooted in their families just as much as everyone else. They also include their "brothers/sisters" of the Path in that family.

Really when is it that you truly felt that you come into your own?


I like both of these definations . It seems the most important symbol and most talked about is the road more the nay thing else.

I will have to meditate on this latter. Thank you both.