DruidCraft Study Group - King of Pentacles


"He reminds me a bit of Santa Claus for some reason"
.....Thats who he is! I knew it was somebody!


Well, in the last couple of readings this king came up as the
master of over-indulgence and gluttony!
that gives me pause...


The all the cards there are 2 sides. He is old and he earned his seat by working for it.

On the flip side he seems to pride him self on material things I get the feeling or warmth and comfort but not a loving family like the 10 of pentacles

Haunted Wood

Same boar from the strength card?

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but I had this turn up in a reading today and my first initial thought about the boar that's roasting on the fire was that it's the same boar from the strength card. I wonder what it could possibly mean, that he's going to eat the beast from the strength card. Hmm, maybe by eating the boar he'll be filling himself with the symbolic qualities of that animal? A boar is wild, strong, dangerous and is not easy to kill (yet this king has obviously managed to do so). In celtic mythology they represent fertility and wealth, and symbolise courage and strong warriors. Hmm, I'll have to think about this further, about the connection to the boar in the strength card and what it means for my reading. My reading was about how I can overcome depression and anxiety (I'm not currently depressed, but I still suffer from anxiety/low feelings at times), and the King of Pentacles was in the position of 'what will be the outcome if I follow the advice of card 2.' Card 2 was 'what can I do to leave this state behind forever.' (ie. depression/anxiety)...and I got the 3 of wands in answer to that. Hmm...I'll have to mull over this some more. I feel that the king of pentacles is a good outcome, I get a feeling of inner contentment from this card. Maybe, because it's a king, I'll be able to feel in control? I'll feel grounded and in touch with reality, comfortable and relaxed about my life and within myself.