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Hi. I'm not sure if this study group is still going or not but I thought I'd give it a try. I need a bit of help with the Seven of Pentacles. I have read the meaning in the book which talks about standing back and letting things grow, harvest etc (the typical RWS meaning of the card). The thing I'm curious about is what the card actually depicts. I'm not Wiccan or Druid so I get a bit lost with some of the symbolism, but I thought I read somewhere once about some kind of symbolic cutting of a type of plant to represent something or other. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I thought it might be easier to understand this card if I knew about the symbolism behind it.

I find the book a bit disappointing in this way. It often gives the traditional meaning of the card but doesn't really give much background of the Druid/Wiccan symbolism that is obviously being used. I guess you could just look at this card and see some kind of 'harvest' but I just sense there is more to it than that. Also, it seems strange that you would be harvesting in the middle of winter with snow on the ground.

I'd love to hear the thoughts of others. Also, is there anyone interested in re-starting this study group and continuing with either the majors or minors?


I can't help with the symbolism part of your question, but I would definitely join you in a study group. I've been working with this deck quite a bit lately to get a feel for it - so far so good :)

Oh, about the symbolism - I can't remember if I read it in the book or in another thread, but he's cutting a piece of mistletoe off that tree. Maybe that explains the time of year?


I just got this deck and I have now trimmed it and I´m starting to use it. I love it more every day and I´d like to study it in depth. So yes, you can count me in!

I think it is a good thing that the book is not too much into Druidism. There are symbols I don´t understand (mistletoe,sickle,wren, boar, black cock..) because I´m not a druid but I´m not sure I even want to know what they mean for druids, before I have figured out my own meanings for them!

I really like the Seven of Pentacles. There´s such calm in this card. Harvesting, completion, quiet waiting and all the classic RSW things speak here loud and clear. I love the colours here,too. The emerald green is awesome. This could be one of the first days of spring, the first rays of the pale sun, thawing snow, maybe the first birds somewhere waiting for the spring to burst out any day now. I´d like to go into this card and join this person in the harvest.


I looked at this card a bit more after I posted and had some more ideas. I couldn't help thinking of the whole idea of pruning. Pruning back the tree before the spring to encourage new growth. Maybe it could be symbolic of 'spring cleaning' or clearing away clutter and old stuff to make way for new things. The whole idea of clearing away the old to make way for the new fits in with the traditional meaning of this card in a lot of ways too.


The Golden Bow

Mistletoe is also called the golden bow and sacred to druids. It is a bushy plant that grows preferably IN= ON oak trees, taking its nourishment from the sap of the oak. The first frost of winter turns the mistletoe leaves a golden colour and then it is the only growing leavy thing on any tree around, since all the leaves of the oak are gone or if still on the tree are dried and brown. When the mistletoe turnes colour it was/ is harvested = usually sometime bevore Winter Solstice and its golden colour bespeaks of the remaining strengths of the sun and the coming return of the light. Therefore it was /is highly regarded.
So we see a druid with his special tool the sicle (do not know spelling) cutting the golden bow bevore the Solstice.
Mistletoe has white berries = wisdom. Later customs of kissing under the mistletoe for love + good luck are remaining customs.
Being allowed to go up a tree and be the one to cut the golden bow was a great honour for a druid in training.
The green tunic the person wears, lets me assume he/ she is a student.
Patience is what you need in studying druidism = 7 years ....in waiting for the right time to cut the mistletoe and in life in general... But rewards are not far away.....
Mi Shell


Mi-Shell, thanks for the great explaination, that really helps explain the meaning of mistletoe. I knew it was regarded as a sacred plant but didn't know why, or why it was harvested in the middle of winter. I didn't know that the color of a student druid would be green either, I simply was thinking that it was the "hope and aspiration" for growth and prosperity... sort of like dressing for success or projecting hopes/dreams/goals that can be made into realities.

It beats the heck out of my observation that it is a parasitic plant living off a host, since that doesn't really go with the meaning of 7 pents at all... unless you are pregnant and waiting for the baby to get born and just have to be patient and let it happen in it's own time. Another thought was of just taking what you need... being frugal and considerate.

One of the thoughts I had about this card was it feels like spring is just around the corner, that the snow is melting just a little bit, that a time of stagnation or blockage is at it's peak and things will begin to improve. Or even in the harshest environment there are things that can be harvested and treasured... you get what you need.... or all things in their time.

Bat Chicken

Mi-Shell said:
So we see a druid with his special tool the sicle (do not know spelling) cutting the golden bow bevore the Solstice.

I think the tool is a bolline? Used specifically for harvesting magickal plants - or rather plants that will be used ritually/magickally....


Thnak you Mi-Shell for that enlightening explanation, currently waiting for the Druidcraft in the mail, but ready to learn in advance.

Le Chat

Seven of Pentacles

I remember one explanation for the sevens in the Tarot is that "What goes up must come down." To me the card states that hard work as well as time are necessary for success. You will get out of it what you put into it. The man at the tree has planted his seeds and due to his knowledge he will soon have an abundant crop. Removing the mistletoe can simply be taken as removing the unwanted, unnecessary, or clutter from your life. I look at this card as meaning I have been working hard, done my best, now it is up to the required amount of time for completion. But while I am waiting, there are many things in my life that must be sorted out, cleaned, organized, etc., so that when the "success or crop" comes in, I will be able to enjoy it.

Just my opinion.


Thanks Le Chat - I like the idea of clearing out while waiting for the harvest. That makes a lot of sense to me with this card.