Dust to Onyx Tarot In Progress!


Hey ya'll,

So I finally decided on a name for the deck and will be launching a Kickstarter on Wednesday August 18th! Things are moving so fast and so I'm open to any suggestions in regards to print, packaging, and other materials to budget for. It's kind of scary how quickly things are going and i normally prefer more planning time, but after some meditating and readings it all pointed to the present so the universe must have some things in store.

"As I've progressed in my tarot journey, I longed for a deck that had representations of me. But most decks that feature black people or POC in general always have a heavy leaning towards traditional African religions (Orisha decks), Egyptian/Kemetic influences, etc. As a modern carefree black gal none of that resonated with me. So I set out to create a deck that was deep, intuitive and beautiful. The collage aspect has helped me make intuitive associations and symbols I would've not thought to use otherwise. "

You can view them on my instagram (so far I have 18 majors done).


You can also view them on https://www.facebook.com/dust2onyx


I love the name and everything about it.
Very exciting!


Very interesting. While I'm not sure yet if it would be a deck I would use the imagery is quite powerful. There is something of a deep soulfulness to the imagery that brings the beings in them to quiet life. Well done. Defiantly on my to watch for list.


Wow, your art speaks! Looking forward to seeing how it comes along :)


Press Release

Tampa, FL– Emerging artist Courtney Alexander will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign, Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot Deck, to fund the production of a deep and powerful multi-media collage collector’s tarot. The campaign runs August 18 to September 16 and the deck will be delivered January 2017.

“Finding a deck that really connected with my personal energy became a daunting task. There were very few that allowed me to see myself in them. I set out to create my own deck, and after months of not having a vision for what it’d look like a dream came to me. Then it came to me again. In the dream was an intensely gorgeous black portrait which has become the inspiration behind this deck. I began the work using my current knowledge of tarot and mostly my own intuition. The imagery that comes forth is as new to me as it is for the readers who will use this deck. It is coming from a place that is far beyond my conscious mind.”

Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot Deck will be a full 78+ card tarot deck. Each card will feature spot gloss and gold foil accents to maintain varying surface quality of the original works. The cards will be high quality*3.5″ x 5” cards on heavy card stock with rounded corners. The decks will come in a limited edition tuck box. If stretch goals are met decks will be sent out in a durable hinge-lid box especially designed for backers. A guide booklet is also included describing the inspiration and interpretation of each card. This is the first printing of this deck. The first edition will will be sold at a special discount to Kickstarter backers. Any extra first editions left over after orders fulfilled for backers will be sold at full retail price. Once they are gone a 2nd edition will be created for mass market. The campaign will include additional commemorative gifts.

“. . . Dust II Onyx Tarot will reach people the others don't. Its unique, powerful and masterfully created.” – Pamela Steele Tarot Reader and Deck Creator (www.steelewizard.com)

Courtney Alexander is a recent graduate with her Bachelor’s in Studio Art from the University of South Florida. In her past work she dug into issues of duality, hyper sexuality, and self-awareness; a much more personal dialogue which served to create vulnerability and explore the complex nature of her existence.*Her paintings and sculptures are abstract and experimental, allowing for a more tactile sensory experience. The Dust II Onyx Tarot Deck is her largest project to date.

“Dust II Onyx was created from my desire to make artwork that resonated with my soul, and now has become a work I want to share with others. I consider it an honor to create this deck and I look forward it being a tool for beautiful and transformative experiences for each and every reader.”


Lovely artwork, congrats on creating the new deck.


I love the name and it's definitely an interesting concept!



These totally speak to my intuition! Ill keep a look out for these!
Have you decided who you want your mass market publisher to be?
I hope this deck is borderless or has a small border, it makes it much more eyepopping!