Éditions de l'Aigle Wirth


I have been hunting around for the Éditions de l'Aigle version of the Wirth majors. I believe the ISBN is 2921222396. Does anyone know for sure if this is it? If not, the correct ISBN would be greatly appreciated. Even better, if anyone has a link to a site where they can be purchased, I would be forever grateful!


Ross G Caldwell

My Editions de l'Aigle Wirth comes in a dark green box with Le Bateleur on the cover.

The information in the LWB says that it was printed by Transcontinental (Impression/Métrolitho) in Canada.

It is the third edition. The ISBNs of the editions are:
2-921222-27-2 (1st edition, 1997)
2-921222-39-6 (2nd edition, 1998)
2-921222-39-6 (3rd edition, 2001)

So the second and third editions have the same ISBN. I don't know any other editions, so it may be the same for more recent printings.



Thanks to everyone for the info. It is appreciated.

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I bought mine from Alida but I see they aren't listing it now. Perhaps if you drop an email to Argeo... he's very helpful when trying to find decks.



Abebooks Wirth (see coredil's post above)

Also of worth noting, the "Wirth-Knapp"
Majors images may be found here...


Very charming renditions of Ozzy's work!


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Hello _____,

Yes it's available , and it has the 22 cards

La cAnopee


RE: Can you please tell me if this items contains all 22
of the Oswald Wirth cards by Éditions de l'Aigle..?


are the Majors in this edition radically different from the U.S. Games version?


never mind I found the comparison


The Postage is OUTRAGEOUS

2 decks (Wirth & Esmerelda) = 71.20 Euros???

we are going to have to think twice about that.