El Sol - Major #19


Oh Good! Older gay men! No naked babies on ponies!

LWB: "Satisfaction from a job well done. Contentment. The best moments in life are rooted in the ordinary."

A mature gay couple build a brick wall around their garden. In most RWS variations, the sunflowers face away from the Sun towards the child on horseback, but here they reach up into the yellow sky {the kneeling man tends the garden in the Sage of Coins card}. The Sun card says it will all come out right in the end, that the end is in sight, and these men look like they could complete their task by the end of the day.

It could be argued that they are building the wall between themselves and their neighbor ('Good fences make good neighbors'); maybe they just want to keep that kid and his damn pony out of their own backyard! LOL! However, it is nice to see an older gay couple together, conveying the idea of longevity and caring {and having someone around to massage those aching back muscles!}


I think this card brings a strong message of hope for young gay men who can't even see themselves with the same guy in a few months ahead, then there is this mature couple enjoying their golden years together, the sun still shines for them, the brick wall seems to me a symbol of the strong relationship made by the couple efforts.


I love this card. It was one of a few that I had found grouped together on one of the sites that shows a few cards. It (as well as the others) brought tears to my eyes.
I imagine these guys to have begun their relationship in an even more difficult time than we face now, and have stayed together for many years, building a life together one brick at a time.
I also imagine them as the "founding fathers" of the gay rights movement (?), building the foundations for what we have today.
Or maybe the bricks they are putting together to form one strong wall, are each of us in the community, becoming stronger together, becoming one solid, formidable entity.

Either way, I'm just glad it's not the naked baby on the horse. :)


You can also look at it as the start of a cycle of sun cards in different decks
these guys are building the brick wall in front of who later the naked baby :laugh: will appear later (and on a different deck) once grown up he will meet a nice boy and so a new gay couple will form in the garden within the brick wall and when these 2 gays will have grown old they in their turn will build a new wall so that the cycle can rebegin.......


I never thought of that, la-luna, that's brilliant!

-- Lee


Lee said:
I never thought of that, la-luna, that's brilliant!

-- Lee

thanks well i have my moments of inspiration :D


This is a very subjective card with an inspirational meaning in the most positive sense.....are these two men lovers? Are they long time friends? Are they co-workers? In any of these instances, they are truly exemplifying the meaning of the Sun card.

I see that these two guys are working together in tandem despite the hot sun blaring on them without complaining. They are happy and sharing in an experience that only brings them closer together. At the end they will be able to be proud of their accomplishment which is strong and solid (the brick wall). To me, this doesn't necessarily reflect a certain kind of relationship other than strong and solid one.

I also like to note that the card number (XIX) adds up to number ten which numerologically speaking means culmination, completion and eventually preparation for a new beginning.