Elemental Colors Deck


I feel like I'm jumping into the deep end of the pool feet first, but here goes!

After *years* of starting-the-stopping-then-starting again, I've completed the (simplistic, but I totally dig it) artwork for my (first?) tarot deck. There's plenty of explanation forthcoming, but if anyone wants to check out the art, here's a handful of my Major Arcana:


The work was done with Art Rage 4 and a Surface 3 Tablet. Unfortunately, I have to bloody re-format the sizes because what the POD printer I'm planning to work with *said* on their website as far as "safe-zones" and bleed areas and what the *actuality* is are two slightly different things. Sigh.


Looks good


I like it! I look forward to reading your interpretations.


Very pretty! Looking forward to seeing more.