Elements of Recovery Deck


I recently received the Elements of Recovery Deck (created by our own BodhiSeed!), and I'm getting so much out of it that I wanted to share my thoughts.

First, I'd like to mention straightaway, please don't think you must be in recovery in order to appreciate or have use for this deck. Like many oracles, the cards can address a wide variety of issues and are versatile for many types of readings.

Some basics.....card stock is silky smooth, semi glossy , and flexible without being flimsy. And (a great plus for many people!), this is a smallish poker sized deck, easy to handle and shuffle. As for the style of artwork, I am a fan! The light colors and nature based imagery remind me of Nakisha's decks (Badger's Forest, etc.) which I love very much.

I've been finding Elements of Recovery useful for personal insight and introspection, especially with emotional questions. One card daily draws (using the booklet) are highlighting situations where I need to think more deeply about my emotional motivations before taking action or making a choice.

I also did a few 3 card draws as general readings with general questions. With those, I chose not to use the booklet definitions. It is easy to read the cards intuitively and to find a story within them.

I think this deck would also be a good choice for people who have relationship questions, and tend to repeat patterns of behavior in relationships that leave them feeling unhappy. The messages offer guideposts for where you are making wrong turns, and where self improvement may be needed.

One thing I especially like about Elements of Recovery is that the images have a sweet and honest simplicity that bring you face to face with your truths, yet in a way that is neither scary nor sugar-coated.

I think I might use the deck this winter for some shadow work, possibly on its own or maybe combined with one of my nature based tarots. Interested to see how that will work out!

So, is anyone else working with the deck right now? Any thoughts?

Whoops, I meant to add....for more information about the deck, BodhiSeed's deck creation thread is here.