Empath in need of help.

Dancing Bear

Good on you!! We only eat stuff we can describe and is basically natural.
It does open you up so much more..
especially when you get that organic home grown food into you as well..
So i commend you for looking after yourself.

This being really open wont last forever..its just like a side affect. which will subside in a bit of time, Dont ask how long , cos we all different.. But took me a couple of months.

I agree with most of what has already been advised..
The only way i know how to keep Empathy in check is to do it naturally..

Like Milfoil suggested..Go for a walk, get into nature.. absorb it.. get your bare feet into the earth.
Its the only way to ground for me.. its all that works..

I have tried the roots out of feet but it only last for as long as i think about it..SO, I potter in my garden.. replant potted plants, go do a bit of weeding.. tend to vege patch, go down to the river and go for a walk..Or the forest behind us there is a walking trail. Without Dog!! LOL!..I take him when i dont need time out for me.
Or I paint! I just Love painting so this takes my focus away from everything else .

I also allow the flow it does work for me IF i am in nature.. If i am trying to do it while doing other things its just doesnt work for me.
So I set the scene.

My Dog also is a pain in the Butt, I love him dearly but he also wants more and more and more LOL!! Glutton for loving LOL!
He is on tablets that make him ravenous also..so any move i make he expects to be fed..its like hes been starved for a year. He wont leave me alone LOL!
I get irritable with it.
So i go outside and water something lOL!

In doing all of the above for so long now, i dont often need to ground on purpose anymore.. I find i am naturally grounded. and only when i want to tune into others, then i do.. I do get unstuck on the odd occasion I am human. But overall it has worked for me.. Hopefullly it might help you a bit.

((((Good Luck Sinduction!!))))


This below quote says it all, it is amazing :thumbsup:
Sin ))))))))) prayers)))))))
All I can add is that it does get better just relax ........

re-pete-a said:
Stick to it .
Keep your eye's on what directions you thoughts and feelings are taking.
Remain as an observer .

New experiences require new skills. Try not to go forward by going for the reverse . Leave the past where it is.

Refuse to hang anything on anyone. If you falter , regroup , redirect, realign.

Fears and desires are your steering until you learn to be mentally in charge.

Fear based ideas are linked to survival at any level. Fear of extinction is the weapon used. Conquer that and you conquer the world.

Any good shaman worth their salt will tell you that your mind is either your ally or your devil. Mind is all you are .

Your devils will blame and find fault, your Ally centers. The fears arising need to be viewed and resolved. They are controlling you temporarily

Do not smother any thing but rather expose all, observe .

Your dog is watching the battle and acting as a grounding.
Pay attention ,love and observe.

The vibration of love will change any vibe and cause it to be either with you or disappear.

Your are human and you will make mistakes. Love them , without them there is no going forward.

Enjoy the ride.



I've been going through something similar since the death of one of my dogs and the only thing that has helped me is Rescue Remedy.
hugs to you :love:


Thank you all! :heart:

My dog is better today, only staring at me instead of sitting up in my lap. I've been crocheting which always quiets my mind, and losing myself in our book of the month.

I'd give anything to have land to walk about and a garden to water. And the fall has hit us so hard, we are expecting snow already. I am stuck in this unsafe apartment building in a sizeable city. I feel so much even sitting here, I can feel all the people around me. Work is a blessing, but only twice a week for two hours. The rest of my days are spent here because of my health.

I've asked my SO to help me this weekend, to make this place less closed off so I would have some room for yoga and prayer. So hopefully things will get easier.

I am glad to know that it will level off. And I keep re-reading what re-pete-a posted. I was brought to tears with that about my dog, he sees the battle. He surely does, bless his little heart. I do love him so.

Thank you for all the advice and well wishes. I've made it through today! :D


Now you've got it.

One step at a time, one day at a time.

Where you are ,is perfect for your learning and unfolding.

Love it all to bits and the place and it's surrounds becomes your own personal heaven. Just ask your small furry friend.


Sinduction said:
I do a grounding, well, I meditate and visualize roots coming from my feet into the ground and going way, way down. Is this sufficient?

I don't understand the second one. I mean, I understand what you are saying but not how to do it. I am unable to see auras as of yet.

I guess, to me, that protection and shielding are different somehow. I'd like to be protected from them but I don't want them to not be able to get through. Maybe that doesn't makes sense. That's why I use the white light, so that the things that come through may be purified before they get to me. Then I can take notice of each one and let the ones flow through that I don't want to bother with. A shield just seems to keep everything out, which isn't what I want to do. I want to learn how to live with this as peacefully as I can.

If you ground, make sure that you ask afterward how grounded you are now, make sure your not too grounded. Also look at your visualisation, usually its a tree, check the state of the roots and the tree itself, it will give clues into you and whats going on.check what tree is in your visualisation, is its a strong oak like try or a bendy willow tree?

You aura, a short few tips about this is to visualise white light cleaning your aura, its easy to combine it with a shower, and when your cleaning yourself, hold the thought that your cleaning your aura too.

If you can see or sense your aura, look at it (or get a friend to), see what the colours are, any dull looking colours, or greys, or holes in the aura can be repaired simply by thinking about it, and visualising you repairing it. I tend to use the visualisation of sewing up holes, and cleaning the colours that are dull, but i am fairly practical so it works for me. Also try and pull your aura in a bit, again with your thoughts, the bigger your aura the more people that walk through it, or sit in it.

It wont solve it entirely, but might help you get a bit of stability to tackle other issues. also a big aura takes alot of energy to sustain it, it could be draining you


I think this is a great thread... you've had a ton of great advice (love what you said re=pete=a).

I'd add this: I once said on this forum years ago (maybe circa 2004?) that I don't believe in shielding. So I get you on that, Sin. I'm an empath too, and know what you mean about feeling too open, but also not wanting to shut down completely with shielding techniques as a knee-jerk response.

The only time I "shield" is when I have something trigger me: being in a large crowd triggers me, being in a situation where others' emotions are running high & spilling in to me uncomfortably is a trigger. Otherwise, I tend to live wide open.

But I also made the choice 10 years ago to move to the country, and commute to town. Living on a couple acres in the mountains helped me intensely in the empathic sense. Solitude is good. Even if you can't move, can you get the hell outta town for a while? Even if it's just a drive over the weekend?

Sometimes an empath just needs alone time. Everyone's had good advice but that: go be alone, out of the city ideally, if you can. Take a comfy chair and sit with a tree... and take your crocheting! I love to knit and crochet, and sitting in the autumn sun with some yarn to play with sounds delightful.

(I just finished a black crochet shrug last night, love thy yarn).

...And breathing. Breathing helps. Take more deep breaths and when you blow out, imagine the emotions leaving you and going back to the Universe where they can help someone else. I even say that prayer when I blow out the emotional overload, "This can leave me, I've learned what I needed and now it needs to go back to the universe where someone else can use it."

Then you've released the emotions you've gathered with acceptance rather than fighting a release by using fear (if that makes sense).


Really interesting thread

with so many great perspectives.

I am one who shields. There are levels though. I don't try to block everything out, but there are some things I don't want coming through, particularly full force. For some, protecting and shielding may be the same thing, just different wording. I automatically shield TO A POINT, it's when I start letting the shield down I have to be very careful how I do it and how much. I SO understand not wanting to block out some thing you want to be open to, but, like I mentioned, there are things one may not want to just come through and without shielding, that can be an open invitation. Again, this may be more about semantics. I'm sure many somehow protect themselves, which FOR ME can require more than just grounding. I don't believe there is any right or wrong way, it's whatever works for each of us and whatever we each wish to be able to access. And we all have different sensitivities and different abilities. We all know what works best for us :). With that said, may you all be able to connect with whatever you wish to connect with!


Briar Rose

Have you tried listening to any video's on YouTube about Quantum Physics?