Emperor and King of Pentacles

uk girl

Hi - I need help interpretting these cards in particular when appearing in relationship aspects of spreads. Any advice?


They could both show a man who tends to be controlling ot a dominant aspect of a womans behaviour.


They are interchangeable at times but are two different aspects of male control.


Each card can signify so many different things depending on how they are constellated/aspected. As the previous posts have said, they can somehow signify a similar man.

There are other possiblities, however.

For example, the Emperor may represent the control required or occuring in the outer circumstances of one's environment. He could also represent that clarity of ideas about the relationship is required. An inner balance of the person is here also required.

The King of Coins/pentacles may signal that a decision needs to be made by looking at the facts of the situation at hand... and not to get caught up by one's aspirations or wishes. An outer looking at the facts with one's thinking may here be required.


I agree with JMD. His insights are good. I'll add this:

The Emperor is Aries, a fiery man who can be charismatic as well as controlling, but also tempermental and childish. He wants it HIS way, and he expects to have things HIS way. On the positive side, he can do great things, move mountains, when he takes charge. It's not always a bad thing to have him be the boss.

The King of Pentacles is more likely a Capricorn; ambitious, and much more solitary than the Emperor. Old manish rather than childish. The Emperor likes having lots of people under him, eagerly doing what he asks--he wants them energized and excited to do what he wants, to cater to his whims. He thrives on it. But the KP wants people working like clockwork, maturely, responsibly, exactly as he told them. Whether they're happy or excited doesn't matter so much as that they care as much as he does about doing it right.