Energy Parasites


I've been snooping around the Internet recently and I stumbled upon this thread from the Project Avalon forum, upon which in turn I stumbled from an astrology forum.

To sum up what is being said in this, the creator of the thread provides us with an extensive description of the form and the function of beings from a lower dimensional plane he calls 'parasites' that prey upon human energy in all its forms. The conversation following this first post includes input from various members of the Project Avalon forum who claim to be one way or another able to confirm or reject this theory. Additionally, references to works from various individuals are made, and generally more information on the subject is available throught the entire thread.

That said, I will not go into such great detail. My first thought when I read this thread was to bring it to the AT forum for discussion. Therefore, what do you guys think about this parasite concept? Do you believe there are ghosts, or other unseen entities, that are purposefully jumping into our dimension to feed off of us? Have you got any personal observations and experiences to share?

I myself have to admit I have not perceived anything of the sort, except maybe for very human energy 'vampires'. In any case, it would be interesting to see what AT's spiritual intelligentsia makes of this idea :)

Thank you very much in advance.

P.S: I am aware that this is most likely in the wrong forum section, however I do not have access to the Spirituality section, and as such I'd rather I posted here than not post at all. I sincerely apologise, and will not object to the removal of this thread from the forum if its location is indeed very unfitting.