entering a card - where&#39s the door?


This is in reference to the 'tarot for yourself'. Sounds very interesting; could someone explain how you enter a card?


I assume that this is an exercise where you pretend to be in the picture. The ?door? is the front of the card itself. Pretend you could just shrink down to the proper size and walk right into the card and look around.


There are numerous ways to 'enter' the card.

For starters, look at the card in all its details, including colour, orientation of the heads of the people or animals (&c), tools, plants, and any other items.

Next, with the card in front of one's self, and seated comfortably, close your eyes and begin to 'remember' the scene... as though it was a photograph from somewhere you had been.

Here, the scene should start to acquire a living aspect, and reveal elements which were not able to be captured by the artist (the aroma of the place, the movement of air, and parts of the scene outside the frame of the drawing)

At some stage, re-do this same exercise as though you are one of the depicted characters.

If you wish to see one aspect of the result of this exercise, see the depiction of my Chariot for the Aeclectic Tarot project.


i actually do it opposite of raeanne, i imagine the card growing to my `size so i can step in :)


I used a process very similar to what JMD noted in his post. Basically I meditated on the card, then I closed my eyes and recreated the card mentally .... the next thing I knew I was there and one of the characters! That I had not bargained for. It took me many tries to do this, and I hope that in the future I can do it again. It was a really neat experience, and it really gave me an incredible insight into what the card Temperance means.

Love & Light,