Eros Tarot - uusi


what will be interesting about this Kickstarter is that they are only doing 1000 decks and that is about their draw in each of their previous Kickstarters so it could mean that the deck never hits the site. It's 1/3 gone already. It's a more nitch deck being TdM pips but it's so cheeky.


Holy smokes, it's everything I wanted it to be. So bodacious. Uusi needs to stop putting out all these lovely decks (not). I don't always need gilded edges, but I might treat myself for my birthday.

Somebody get the smelling salts, I have the vapors!


this deck is so different and awesome..... that 9 of wands! so cheeky. can't wait for it!


I backed it.

This one doesn't personally grab me like the Pagan Otherworlds did, but I doubt it'll be available after the Kickstarter, and I don't want to risk missing it. I needed an erotic deck for the collection, anyway.

Dee Ell

I still have not received my Pagan, and here I am, already impatiently awaiting this new one. Darn you, Dee Ell! Darn you to heck!

Mwahahahaha 😈😁
And the best part is, I'm not even ordering one! (while I love all of their work and enjoy looking at the cheeky originality of this deck, I don't feel the need to own it)

Sorry for enabling you FLiz - like I said before, maybe you should just stay out of this section of AT (and join the TOADIES thread 😉 )

Funnily enough, it's much more modest than in many other decks! ^_^

You're right! Love it 😆