Exploring your existence


Exploring your existence

This spread is baced on the card I Existence card from the Osho Zen Tarot.
There are two ways to do it (both explaned)


1.) Roots of the lotus.
How you relate to this world, your actions and behaviour.
Alsow the energy you still carry from your roots (past lifes or childhood).

2.A.) The lotus leaf of perfection.
How comfortable you feel in this world.

2.B) Hints to feel more at ease or (if you already are) to stay at ease.

3.) The naked figure on the leaf.
Your naked self stripped from all that isn't you.

4.) Gazing at the stars.
What are you looking for or what do you wish would happen?

5.) Seeing the stars.
Will you find what you're looking for?
Will your wish come true?

6.) At one with the stars.
This will bring you peace, will set you free and will let you be as one with everything around you.


The second way to do this spread:


With the same meanings as above but for the positions 4+5+6:

A.) Body
B.) Emotions
C.) Energy
D.) Mind
E.) Inner growth
F.) Relaxation


Great Spread...

Real life contemplating spread this one. Thankyou. I like the lotus idea. Very nice. Just a quick question, when you are designing spreads, do you have to have any particular design or can it be exactly as you wish.

Thanks in advance,
Love*&*Light Janey x


I really like this idea! I'll be giving it a shot today!



Nice spread, very intruging~ Went into my journal!
Thanks for sharing!


Existence Spread

I tried this spread this morning. I liked it and it pretty much gave me what I already knew(in a way). It just needed reinforcing. But, it was pretty much on track. I have it in my tarot journal as well.


Hi Janey

Ambience said:
when you are designing spreads, do you have to have any particular design or can it be exactly as you wish.

When you make a spread you can make any design you like.
Sometimes I get my insperations from tarot cards like I did here.
Most times I get a question and base a spread on the awnsers needed and include a card for advise.

Love and light



Thanks Ambience, siouxj73, manda78 and Tabby.

Tabby: I'm glad it worked.
I didn't have the chance yet to try it myself.
I make far to much spreads that go in my journal and on forums to try them out for myself.

Love and light



lovely spread....

Hi Snowy,
this is a lovely spread.. Going into my tarot journal.. ;) Thanks...


Really inspiring.


Thank you, can't wait to try it!