Faeies oraclt for trade


Faeies oraclt for trade TRADED


I just bought the faeries oracle last week, and it's not what I expected. They dont feel right to me, so I would like to trade them for something else. It's completely new just looked at. It's a boxed set (book and cards). If anyone out there wants to trade with me I would prefer a boxed set bakc or maybe two singe decks. Just tell me what you got, I also like books on wicca...
here are some decks i really like, just to give you an idea:

Egyptian tarot by Clive Barret
Blue Moon tarot by Julia Cuccia Watts(I can hope, can't I)
Fey tarot by Mara Aghem
Healing with the angels (fareies) tarot by Doreen Virtue
Witches tarot by Ellen Cannon Reede
Witches Rune by Ravenwolf and Jackson

Just let me know, I like alot of different decks.

Shadow Wolf

Have you tried them out ??

Maybe you just need a little time to get used to each other ?

If you are already doing this or have already managed to trade this deck, ignore this.

BUT, if you haven't, have you considered that you iniatially picked
up this deck for a reason ? Can you remember why you purchased it ?

I'm not trying to get you to keep a deck that you truly don't connect with, but some decks, even tarot decks, take a little time
to have that connection.

Just my 2 cents worth !!!




Thanx for the advice, but I already traded them. :/
BUt I know they weren't for me. They felt to dark, and incoherent.
Well, I picked them up coz I saw some pics of them and liked them. But they only use the best pic on the web pages so you dont get to see what the rest of the deck looks like.

Thanx anyway.


please, trading offers in trading forum next time
thank you


Kaz said:
please, trading offers in trading forum next time
thank you

My fault; she wasn't getting responses there, so I suggested she try this group of fairy-happy types! :)