Faerie Oracle Newbie.


Hello there, as the title states, I'm new to the Faerie Oracle and I'm also new to these forums as well. I started out with Tarot, and then one day I came across the Faerie Oracle cards, which kind of jumped out at me because of Brian Froud's wonderful artwork. I decided that they were a must have and left the store that day with them. The more I learn about the Faerie Oracle the more I love my cards. I think my Tarot might be feeling lonely. XD Anyway as much as I enjoy the cards, I am still very green where they are concerned and I joined this forum community in the hopes that I may be able to learn more about them, and henceforth better understand my readings! :D

Well, I rambled on a little....Thanks for reading! :)


Hi! :) I'm also new to the Faerie Oracle deck, and still somewhat of a newbie to tarot as well. So I'm hanging around absorbing faerie dust. :)



Yay! Another newbie. :) Now I don't feel so alone! :D Hopefully we shall learn much here.


Welcome to the Study Forum!
The best way to get to know the deck is to use it, so please, feel free to join us in the Seekers Circle Games. We are playing away with the Fae....


Hi, Tsukiyono, and welcome. Elf is right, the best way to get familiar with the Faeries is to read with them. I had difficulty understanding their language until I joined the Faeries Seekers circles, to read for others. You can find the sign-up for the latest circle here.




Hello Tsukiyono!

I just saw this post!

So glad you discovered us...and the Faeries!

I am quite excited that I get to do a reading exchange with you in the Faerie Circle, too!
The faeries are as well, I think!

The whole room is buzzing with an electric static-like energy right now!

I look forward to the dance! :D