Faerie Seekers Circle (FSC): February 2012: sign-up thread


Hi Faerie lovers,

After a break, this is a continuation of a long-standing Reading Circle, the Faerie Seekers. The circle uses only two decks, Brian Froud's decks: The Faeries' Oracle (FO) and/or his second deck, The Heart of Faerie (HoF). Sorry, no other faerie decks, either oracle or tarot are used. There are Oracle reading circles for those.

This thread will stay open until Friday, February 3rd, at which time reading partners will be assigned.

Sign-up: now until sometime on Friday, Feb 3rd.
Readings and feedback: to be completed by February 28th.
Preferably readings are completed a few days in advance of month's end to allow time for proper feedback.

Proposed spread, taken from here:

Three cards only to get us all back into the decks:

This can be a 'general' or focused as desired. I personally see it as a 'look ahead'.

  • What's Practical?
    What's Fantastical?
    What's Possible?

I will add the usual rules for Circles, which I borrowed from the COS:

The Faerie Seekers Circle is a reading exchange group for readers of any level.

*New members are very welcome*

PLEASE NOTE: Taking part in the circle requires a commitment to interact with your partner over the course of the reading period......reading, feedback and discussion. Communication and keeping in contact is essential especially if you run into problems and delays.

Life happens to all of us, if you cannot get your reading done in the allotted amount of time, please, DO NOT leave your partner hanging. A PM or an update in your thread would be greatly appreciated by your partner.

Thanks and hoping to see some faerie lovers come back.



Yes please, I'd like to join in again. :)


Ah, wonderful, the first sign-up. :)

xx A



I want to use this deck more anyway, and I love the faeries. I am in the process of moving house, but will most definately be able to take part and do this. Please do sign me up! thank you so much, Alta! :D

we are moving from Friday, Feb. 03 to the delivery of said goods to our home on Monday, Feb. 06, so I should be okay--just can't really start till after Feb. 06.

strings of life

I'm in too :).


Welcome celticnoodle and aurarcana! :heart:

autumn star

Sign me up, please :)


i'm also intersted. Haven't played with the fairies in a while. Thanks Alta!


Count me in, please!