Faerie Seekers Circle (FSC): February 2012: sign-up thread


Thank you so much I'll be sure to sign up for it. I look forward to joining the fun



It is good to have the readings finished or getting there around this time of month so your partners have a few days for feedback.

Some partners are finished, some part way and a couple haven't started. :) Just a friendly reminder.

xxxx Alta


Hi there,
If you do this again, I'd love to join in! :) Thanks


There will another round for March. The sign-up thread will go up within a day or two. You are welcome to join.


Long time no see! I know I have been lost for a couple of years but thought I would poke my head in :). Hope all of you are doing well. Alta, I will see about signing up for the March round of Faerie Seekers ;-)


eeeeeeeeeek :bugeyed: so sorry I forgot this! I will do my feedback (thank you for my reading to my suffering partner and reading tomorrow!!!) :heart:


That would be lovely Jewel. I'll add you to the PM notification list (I have trimmed it to people who really want to participate, the old list was getting very outdated).


Hi all,

We are down to the last days of the month and some threads have worryingly little activity. Others are almost but not quite complete. Please be respectful of your partners.