Faerie Seekers Circle (FSC): July 2012 ~ sign up thread


Im in! I love these.......>! Kim


Hi Kim! and welcome back.



I'm in, thanks! :)


Good! welcome back merissa. :)


I would like to join in again. I'm gone the first week of July however, and won't have time to do the exchange the first week--so who ever is partnered with me, be aware!

I do like the exchanges. But i do not like that this is the 2nd time in row echanges went sour.
I would like to linked to someone who will give me more certainty of getting the exchanges done propperly.
If the ecchanges gets sour the next time, it will be the last time i sign in to this circle...

i put a lot of energy in the reading, with these fairies, it hurts me that i did not get a FB...

Oh MoiraKarin, this is awful. I'm sorry this has happened to you. Hopefully you will NOT experience this again. If it does occur again, let Alta know and she will do all she can to rectify the situation.


Welcome celticnoodle. :)


One last hopeful bump for this thread. Partners will be posted sometime tomorrow.


p.s. there won't be an August round unless one of you would like to run it.


I would like to sign up. I am just getting back into reading in general, so I'm rusty... but Froud's has always spoken to me more than any other deck I have, tarot or oracle. Mostly I go intuitive with the Fairies. Since I'm new back I might need a little patience from whomever I'm paired with but I will totally give it my all. Love to chat with the Fay and this sounds like a great way to get back in the swing of reading/ chatting about reading. :)


Hopefully I am not too late!!!

Um yeah... I hope I am not too late for the sign up. I can't wait to see what is in store for this month and hopefully my computer will stay intact this time