Faerie Seekers Circle (FSC): July 2012 ~ sign up thread


Welcome Ama and tempestatiseye. :)

I'll be doing the partnering fairly soon, just need some coffee in me.


Me! Haven't been around for a while and would love to play :D


Hi elvenstar! yep, still working on that first coffee here. :)


Partners posted!!! Threads started!!! PMs sent!!!

haha... too much coffee too many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi all,

Quite a few readings not even started yet. I suggest, though only suggest, that readings be done early enough to give your partner some feedback.

Only 6 days left. :)

xxx Alta


Some PMs sent. :( Compared to our lives, I suppose these are small responsibilities, but really, they are. There are other people involved.