Faerie Seekers Circle (FSC): June 2012: sign up thread

autumn star

Sign me up, thanks. Interesting spread :)


Hi autumn star, and glad to see you here. :)


I've only done one before and enjoyed it, so yes please....count me in for this one! Thanks :)


Welcome back Heartlight. :thumbsup:


Me too!!

I finally get here before the first. I WANT IN PLEASE!!!!! I look forward to using the spread, and seeing the feed back. I have to share the news cause it is a dream come true for me but you are looking at the newest reader on Oranum (a professional site) Ahhhhhhhh can you believe it I almost can't.


Re me too

AND I am using the FO deck even better !!!!


I love your enthusiasm tempestatiseye!


im in if it is still open! :)


I'm not sure how well I'll do with this as I haven't used these decks yet but would like to give it a shot!!!


Hi kmartin60, it is open until June 1st sometime. Welcome.

Hi Nickigirl, a first timer with these cards! They are fun. :)